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Bismillah Ir-Rahman, Ir-Raheem. I begin with ALLAH's auspiciousness,whose Name is the Best among all the names. All Revences, All Sanctities and All Worships are due to ALLAH alone. Ashahadu An Laa illaaha illal llahu
Wa Ash Hadu Anna Muhammadan Abdu Hu Wa Rasooluhu
''I bear witness that there is no deity but Allah
who is without partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) is the Rasool.''
"O Allah, Shower Your Peace come upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, as you have brought peace to Ibrahim and his family.
Truly, You are Praiseworthy and Glorious. O Allah, Shower your blessing upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, as you have blessed Ibrahim and his family. Truly, You are Praiseworthy and Glorious". I am Satisfied with Allâh as My Rabb and Cherisher, I am Satisfied With Islam as My Din(religion) and I am satisfied with Muhammad as a Rasulallah (Messenger)sallallahu alaihi was salam) I seek Protection with ALLAH! With the Glorious and Noble Face of ALLAH! With the Complete and Perfect words of ALLAH! With the Exalted Attributes of ALLAH! From the Punishment of Hell; From chastisement in the Grave; From the Trial of Life and Death; From the Mischief of the dajjal. There is no power nor strength with (anyone) save Allah. ALLAH is Good and Only accept that which is Good. ALLAH is the Truth and only accept that which True. ALLAH is Pure and only accept that which is Pure. Ya ALLAH! ALL the praises are for You,You are the Holder of the Heavens and the Earth, And whatever is in them. Ya ALLAH! All praises are for You; You are are the Substaner of the Heavens and the Earth And whatever is in them. Ya ALLAH! All the praises are for you; You have the Possession of the Heavens and the Earth and whatever is in them. Ya ALLAH! All the praises are for You; You are Light(Nur) of the Heavens and Earth And whatever is in them. Ya ALLAH! All praises are for You; You are the King of the Heavens and the Earth And whatever is in them. Ya ALLAH! All praises are for You; You are the Truth and Your Promise is the Truth, And Your word is the Truth and the Meeting with You is true, And Parardise is True And Hell is true and All the Prophets(peace be upon them) are true; And Muhammad Rasulallah(sallallahu alayhi wa salam) is true, And the Day of Resurrection is True. Ya ALLAH! You have promise and Your promise is the truth, Ya ALLAH! You have promise and Your words is the Truth, Ya ALLAH! You have promise and You are the Truth!.-------{O Muslim People! THIS IS K.IBRAHIM! I ask you in the Name of ALLAH! To make Dua(Pray) for me! That ALLAH increase and Strengthen my (faith) imaan and devotion! Ya ALLAH! {Ya ALLAH! You are the one whom no eyes can see! O ALLAH! You are the one whom no thoughts can comprehend! Neither can this narrator's describe your Praise, Glory and Your Greatness in the way that it should be describe! Nor are You affected by the vicissitudes of time. Nor are You afraid of the revolution of time. O ALLAH! You are the Creator of time! O ALLAH! The weights of the mountains, The measures of the oceans, Every drop of rains and Every leaves that falls from the trees are all within your Knowledge. OALLAH! You know all those things that the darkness of Night falls upon. And You know all those thing that the day casts its Light upon. Neither can the Sky hide the other Heavens from You! Nor can the Earth hide the other planets from You! Neither can the Oceans conceal those things which are at their bottom! Nor can the Mountains conceal those things which are in their core! O ALLAH! Destined for me in the last stage of my life to be the best part of my life and the best actions at the end of my days and make that Day, that Day to be the best of all on which I meet YOU! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Al-Imran(3:191 ) Those who remember Allah standing, and sitting and on their sides and they reflect on (the) creation (of) the heavens and the earth, "Our Rabb!-You have not created all this without purpose. Glory be to You, so save us (from the) punishment (of) the Fire.------------------Men who celebrate the praises of Allah, standing, sitting, and lying down on their sides, and contemplate the (wonders of) creation in the heavens and the earth, (With the thought): "Our Rabb! Not for naught Hast Thou created (all) this! Glory to Thee! Give us salvation from the penalty of the Fire.-------- The Rabb of the Arsh and Kursi(Throne)! We're talking about the Rabb of the Worlds! (Alhamdulillahi Rabbil alamin!) We're talking about the Rabb of the entire Universe and Beyond! You know that we live in this World(in this Dunya) and we are fascinated with this Worldly life, this dunya which ALLAH(subhanahu wa ta'ala) Which ALLAH( subhanahu wa ta'ala)indeed has created in a Beautiful manner! We're fascinated with this world! There are Billions of people which live on, live in this World at this moment in time! Over 6 billions people that live on this Earth(at this moment in time) This Earth of ALLAH(subhanahu wa ta'ala) is so big that there is space in this world for Billions and Billions and Billions more people!
But what is this Dunya,this World, this Earth in comparison to what ALLAH(subhanahu wa ta'ala) has created out there? This Dunya,This World is insignificant! This Dunya, This World is meaningless to ALLAH! It means nothing! It is worthless! So worthless! Compare it with the Sun! The Sun is one Star! You know more science than me! You'll be able to tell me better! Take this planet Earth! And you place it inside the Sun and you will be able to place 1.3Million Earths in the Sun! 1.3Million Earths in the Sun(ALLAHU-AKBAR!) ALLAH is the Greatest! The Sun is one star! One star! There are stars out there which are Millions of times Bigger than the Sun! You tell me this that you need Millions of stars! That you need millions and millions of stars to make one Galaxy! And then you tell me this that there are Zillions of Galaxies out there! Let me tell you on top this O Muslim People! After this whatever you see above! Whatever you see above! There are Zillions and Zillions and Zillions of Galaxies! Let me tell you O Muslim people! Everything there is within the first Heaven! (SUBHANALLAH!)Everything there is within the first Heaven! And the Distance between the First heaven and the Second Heaven is 500 years! The Distance that can be covered in 500 years! At wharp speed? Only ALLAH knows! Only ALLAH knows! But it will take 500 years to get from the First Heaven to the Second Heaven! 500 years from the Second to the third! The Third to the Fourth! The fourth to the Fifth! The Fifth to the Sixth! The Sixth to the Seventh! Every time it will take 500 years! After the Seven Heaven! We all Read The Ayatul Kursi! After this you have The Kursi of ALLAH! You have the Chair of ALLAH(subhanahu wa ta'ala)! You know These Seven Heavens that we've just talked about in comparison to The kursi of ALLAH(subhanahu wa ta'ala)! There's non-existent, There meaningless! Rasulullah(Sallallahu alayhi wa salam) has given an example in a Hadith! Just to give us a little bit of understanding with regards to the Seven Heavens! The 7 Heavens compared to the Kursi of ALLAH! Take a ring from your finger! Take it off the small ring that you have and place it let's say in a desert! The Sahara Desert it's the biggest Desert in the World! You know that ring that we take off our fingers and place it in the Sahara Desert! What comparison is in between the ring and The Sahara Desert Nothing! Nothing! The Seven Heavens is the ring! And The Kursi of ALLAH is the Sahara Desert! After the Kursi of ALLAH! You have the Arsh(Throne) of ALLAH! You have the Arsh(Throne) of ALLAH! Again Rasulullah(Sallallahu alayhi wa salam)has given has explained just so we can understand! Take the ring place it in the Desert! This time The ring is the kursi and the Arsh is the Desert! What is the Kursi in comparison to the Arsh of ALLAH? Nothing! Then you have The Angels which carry the Arsh(Throne) of ALLAH! Their Heads are in the Seventh Heaven and Their feet are in the lowest Earth! O Muslim people! Then you have!!! THE RABB(THE LORD ) OF THE ARSH AND THE KURSI!!! QURAN(6:103) Vision perceives Him not, But He perceives[ALL] Vision; And He is The Subtle, The Acquainted. HE(ALLAH)is Beyond! Beyond All size! Who ALLAH is ? What ALLAH is? The Greatness of ALLAH is Beyond the comprehension of our little mind! THIS IS THE BEING THAT you and I are messing with! THIS IS THE BEING WHOM REACH IS OVER ALL THINGS! THIS IS THE BEING WHOM REACH IS OVER ALL THINGS! THIS IS THE BEING WHOM REACH IS OVER ALL THINGS IN MERCY AND KNOWLEDGE! "ALLAH! There is no god but He - the Living, The Self-subsisting, Eternal. No slumber can seize Him Nor Sleep. His are all things In the heavens and on earth. Who is there can intercede In His presence except As he permitteth? He knoweth What (appeareth to His creatures As) Before or After or Behind them. Nor shall they compass Aught of his knowledge Except as He willeth. His throne doth extend Over the heavens And on earth, and He feeleth No fatigue in guarding And preserving them, For He is the Most High. The Supreme (in glory)." -------------------All men wonder about and ask the questions: How did this universe emerge? And how did it begin? And where is it going to? The Human mind was always wondering, since ancient times, with these questions.
- And it is said in The Holy Quran {Then He(ALLAH) directed Himself to the heaven and it had been (as) smoke: He said to it and to the earth: "Come ye together, willingly or unwillingly." They said: "We do come (together), in willing obedience."(41:11)So He completed them as seven firmaments in two Days, and He assigned to each heaven its duty and command. And We adorned the lower heaven with lights, and (provided it) with guard. Such is the Decree of (Him) the Exalted in Might, Full of Knowledge.(41:12)(commentary)- Perhaps! The turn "Earth"is referring to whatever material matter that was in existing at that time, even though time itself as we the human being understand it or comprehend it was not in exist.)-----There is a substance that a part of deep space and a part of the Universe that resembles smoke, it is called nebula!
---------------ALLAH! The Rabb of the Universe- The Rabb: ALLAH is Ar-Rabb. He is the one who gave all things the ability or the power to grow, to move and to change, to whom belongs the entire Creation and The Command; He is ALLAH! The master who has no equal in His Sovereignty, Predominance, and Highness, The One who provides for and Sustains all that exists. When we look in to the vastness of space or Into the vastness of deep space we see there is a substance that is a parts of deep space and part of the Universe that resembles smoke, it is called nebula! This is the wonders and Miracles of ALLAH's creation in the Universe!-------
It was not until modern days that scientists were able to discover secrets of planets, stars and galaxies. We even find thousands of scientists, in their observatory, monitoring the movement of the stars and the galaxies!
In the last past years, researchers began to notice something strange, the movement of these galaxies from place to place at high speeds! All parts of this universe is moving to the unknown! This has been proved by the modern measurement instruments in the twentieth century.
So the stable fact today in all scientific researches about the universe is: (expansion of the universe) and any one who denies this expansion is like denying the sphericity of earth!( sphere-A celestial body, such as a planet or star.) This fact about the expansion of the universe as we see it, took thousands of scientific researches and thousands of researchers and scientists, who has worked actively throughout the twentieth century to the present day to prove this cosmic truth.
Now we come to the book of Allah (be He blessed and exalted): the Book of wonders and delight , what does the divine expression tell us about this truth? Allah Almighty says about the construction of the sky and expansion: "With power did we construct the heaven. Verily, we are Able to extend the vastness of space thereof." [Al Zariyat: 47].
Not only there is a match between what modern science has reached and the Quranic text, but also the Qur'an is superior in this side, as it is the Book of Allah (be He blessed and exalted).
Let's look at the word (We construct) which shows that the sky was constructed, or built and this what the latest research has revealed that the universe is a cohesive and coherent, with no deficit and no emptiness, as it was believed, in the past.(The Holy Quran-Surah Qaf 50:6) --Have they not seen how We have built the sky above them and made it seem attractive? There are no flaws in it.---(31:10-He created the heavens without any pillars that ye can see;) -----It is a whole solid Mass. Look at the words (We are Able to extend the vastness of space thereof) which imply the meaning of continuity, the universe was expanded in the past, and today it is still expanding, and will continue to expand in the future until that moment!---No just estimate have they made of Allah, such as is due to Him And on the Day of Resurrection the whole of the earth will be grasped by His Hand and the heavens will be rolled up in His Right Hand. Glorified be He, and High be He above all that they associate as partners with Him! (39:67) ------------ One of the features of Qur'an is that its interpretation accommodates to all ages. In the past, before the discovery of the real expansion of the universe, some Muslim scholars interpreted this verse, (We are Able to extend) in particular, it means that the sky is very large. This explanation is true as astronomers are telling us today,Of the vastness of this universe!
For example, the very far away galaxies are far more than Billions of light- years from us!
And so, the astronomical miracles of Book of Allah are shown, you will find the verse appropriate for every time and place for each era of history and time.
While you don't find this in modern science, as you can find the scientific theory today in a form, after a year, someone develops it and then after a period of time, someone criticizes the theory and modifies it…and so on.
Let's look at this Quranic expression, which is an invitation to reflect on the construction of the sky and stars which decorate it:(Have they not looked at the heaven above them, how We have made it and adorned it, and there are no rifts in it) [Qaaf: 6].But what about the beginning of the universe and how it emerged and whether the Qur'an talk about it or not?
After what the scientists have studied about the expansion of the universe, the return journey to the past began, how was the shape of this universe in the past? Because parts of this universe are driving away continually, this implies that they must be close to each other in the past. So when we reverse the image of this expansion, we find out that the parts of the universe were a material matter and the other resembles smoke !
This was the beginning that explains the emergence of the universe, but it needs scientific researches and digital proofs. Experiments, at space laboratories, to prove this, were very difficult and strenuous. You could find the scientist spending his life searching for scientific evidence, and may not find that evidence! At the end!Because he was looking in the wrong place! He did not look to the words of ALLAH!
One of the researchers managed to develop an acceptable theory about the beginning of the universe and called it "the great explosion"It was only acceptable to those who could not find anything else. Galaxies are moving in very high speeds. Here we see the superiority of Quran over modern science, always and forever. Modern science tries to discover some universe secrets, but Allah Almighty,The creator of universe, tells us the accurate facts.
The Qur'an direct its talk to non- believers: (Have not those who disbelieve known that the heavens and the earth were joined together as one united piece, and then we parted them? And we have made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe) [Al Anbiya: 30].
Allah (be He blessed and exalted) knows that the discovery of this fact will be on the hands of non- believers. So that, the verse start with the words (Have not those who disbelieve known) but where is the superiority of the Qur'an over science?
The Qur'an describes and calls the emergence of the universe with the words (were joined together) that shows accuracy and discipline, which means placing one part on another to become one part. Parts of the universe were superimposed on each other with high density, indeed! No place for the emptiness, that’s why the word (joined together) is the most appropriate word to describe the beginning of the universe in terms of language and science .This means that parts of the universe were welded with each other forming a very, very heavy homogeneous material.----------- Science calls the moment of separation of these parts "the explosion" which is wrong! The explosion can't be organized at all, while the separation of the parts and moving away from each other is done in a very accurate organized system. We even find if a Galaxy deviates from its path,it some time mage with another Galaxy! Is this an explosion or a system?
We have to mention that astronomers today talk about the texture structure of the universe; look at the opposite words(joined together-to part),don't they suggest the texture of this universe structure ,the question about the beginning of the universe leads to the question about the Creator of the universe and the end of this universe, where it is expanding to, what is after that? Only ALLAH can answer those question!
Scientists made considerable efforts to learn about the galaxies and the universe. Some of these theories almost mounts to the level of a scientific fact, which is the inevitable end of the universe. It was declared by many scientists. The expansion of the universe will not last forever! But it has limits and this is logical and scientific.
If we look at the universe structure, we find that it have billions and billions of galaxies having specific sizes and weight, and a specific attraction force between these Galaxies, which are billions in total, are interrelated with each other by gravity forces. When these galaxies move towards each other to a specific distance, this gravity forces or this strong gravitational fields will make them come together and merge in to Spiral Galaxies in Collision.
Of course, this is supported by telescopic observations for these results of; universe dimensions. No one can measured the size,the weight,density or the amount of universe attraction force, this can only be a guess of some scientists!--The size,the weight, the density and the measurement of the universe is unknown!
Now we come to the greatest Book of all, the Book of Allah, the creator of the universe, what does the divine expression says about the future of the universe? Allah (be He blessed and exalted) says: (And (remember) the Day when we shall roll up the heaven like a scroll rolled up for books. As we began the first creation, we shall repeat it. (It is) a promise binding upon us. Truly, we shall do it).
[Al Anbiya: 104].
What a wonderful words of Allah, when He speaks righteous! Allah Almighty tells us that He will roll up the sky as the page of a book is rolled up.
The term (roll up) gives the meaning of curve, so, the sky has a curved closed form, even some scientists tend to call it the sky page. To simplify it! The entire universe is like the paper and Allah Almighty will roll up this paper on the Day of Resurrection and the creation will repeated again as it was in the beginning . Allah (be He blessed and exalted) says: (And He it is who originates the creation, then He will repeat it (after it has been perished); and this is easier for Him. His is the highest description (i.e. none has the right to be worshipped but He, and there is nothing comparable unto Him) in the heavens and in the earth. And He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise). [Al Rum: 27].
Fourteen centuries has pass, astronomy was filled with superstitious and legends, but this modern era is distinguished by scientific and cosmic discoveries supported by telescopic researches which prove the validity of these results. Many astronomers had discovered the existence of many planets and billions of Galaxies using telescopes, having the ability to make objects that are far away appear to be closer. --------
The Holy Quran(36:81-83) "Is not He Who created the heavens and the earth able to create the like thereof?" - Yea, indeed! for He is the Creator Supreme, of skill and knowledge (infinite)! (81) Verily, when He intends a thing, His Command is, "be", and it is! (82) So glory to Him in Whose hands is the dominion of all things: and to Him will ye be all brought back.(83)--------------------- He{ALLAH! } initiated creation most initially and commenced it originally, without undergoing reflection, without making use of any experiment, without innovating any movement, and He ALLAH created the heaven and the Earth without experiencing any aspiration,(aspiration is some thing for human beings to have!)He alone allotted all things their times, put together their variations gave them their properties, and determined their features knowing them before creating them, realising fully their limits and confines and appreciating their complexity.--------------------
.-----------Narrated Imran bin Husain: Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said,"Accept the good tidings, O people of Yemem, for Bani Tamim refused them." They said, "We accept it, Ya Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam)! We have come to ask you about this matter the start of creations." He said, "First of all, there was nothing but ALLAH, and then He created His Throne. His throne was over the water, and He wrote everything in the Book (in the Heaven) and created the Heavens and the Earth." ( Narrated by Sahih Bukhari book 54, #414 and also read hadith# 413) "This one is saying that first creation is Throne of Almighty ALLAH!"
Allah said" And it is He(ALLAH) who created the heavens and the earth in six days and His Throne had been upon water".(Hood 11:7)
Narrated by Ubadah ibn as-Samit: He said that I heared Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said, “The first thing that Allah created was the Pen. He said to it, “Write!” It said, “My Rabb! What should I write?” He said, “Write what will happen,” so the pen wrote everything that will happen until the Day of Resurrection.” (Narated by At-Tarmizi Hadith 94, also by Abu Dawood) "This one is saying that first creation is pen & tablets!''---- Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) says, “The first thing created by Allah was the pen, then, He ordered it to write, so it wrote everything that will happen till the Day of Judgment.” (narrated by At-Tirmidhi, Abu-Dawud, and Ahmad). This Hadith is narrated in another way by Al-Bukhari. His narration will make it clearer for you. He says that Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) says, “Allah (SWT) said to the pen write my knowledge about my creatures until the Day of Judgment.”--------------------------------------------------------------------- Some use the Hadith of al-Bukhari which means "Allah existed and there was nothing other than Him. And His Arsh was on the water. And He ordered the pen to write...." to say that the first creation was water (and with it time and place), then the Arsh, then the pen, then the tablet.
Some use the hadith that the first thing created was the light of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). This hadith, however, is controversial. It is narrated by Abdurrazzaq, but is not found in all of the manuscripts of his Sunan. Furthermore, there are other ahadith that contradict it, such as the hadith where Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) says that everything was created from water. There is also an ayah that means that every living thing was created from water. For these reasons, that hadith is a major subject of debate among scholars. Allahu 'Alam.--- THE ORDER OF ALLAHS FIRST CREATIONS.
Many Muslim people have become confused concerning the issue who or what was the first creation due to a number of seemingly conflicting verse from the Quran, hadeeth and explanations of the scholars.
The aim of this article is to show that verses and the authentic hadeeth of this Din never contradict each other and there is no need for confusion on this issue.
In Bukhari, Bayhaqi, and ibn Al-Jaroud reported from Umran Ibn Haseen that the people of Yemen came to Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and said: Ya Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam)! we came to you to learn about our religion and to ask you about the Beginning of this thing, how was it? So he replied: It was Allah, and nothing else, and His Throne was on the water, and he (Allah created the pen then he) wrote in the Book (Al-Lawh Al-Mahfuth (the preserved tablet)) all things and then he created the heavens and the earth”.
This hadeeth indicates the order of Allahs first creations:
1.Allah created water first. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said, ‘everything was created from water’…” recorder by Imam Ahmed, this chain of narration fulfils the conditions of the Bukhari and Muslim, apart from Abu Maymunah, but he is one of the men of the Sunans, his first name was Salim; and At-Tirmidhi classed him as Saheeh. Imam As-Suddi narrated in his tafsir narrated from Ibn Abbas that he said “Allah the Exalted did not create anything before the water”.
2.Then Allah created his throne above the water (Ibn Hajar said in the explanation of Bukhari that this hadeeth indicated that water was the first creation and then Allah created the throne.)
3.Then Allah created the pen to write all things. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said, “The first thing (meaning after the water and the throne as indicated in the above hadeeths) created by Allah was the pen, then, He ordered it to write, so it wrote everything that will happen till the Day of Judgment.” Recorded by At-Tirmidhee, Abu-Dawood, and Ahmad also this hadeeth is recorded in another way by Bukhari.
4.Then Allah created the Al-Lawh Al-Mahfuth (the preserved tablet) to write every thing in it. All things (events for all the creation: past events, present events, and future events) have been written down (exactly how they will/have/or are been decreed) in the Preserved Tablet (Al-Lauh Al-Mahfuz) this is based on Allahs saying, “No calamity befalls on the earth or in yourselves but is inscribed in the Book of Decrees (Al-Lawh Al-Mahfuth), before We bring it into existence. Verily, that is easy for Allah”. Quran 57:22
5.Then Allah created the heavens and the earth. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said in Saheeh Bukhari “he (Allah created the pen then he) wrote in the Book (Al-Lawh Al-Mahfuth (the preserved tablet)) all things and then he created the heavens and the earth”
-Side Point-
Was Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) The First Thing To Be Created?
The famous hadeeth of Jabir indicates that Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) was the first thing to be created.
Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said, “The first thing Nabi, O Jabir” However Shaykh Albaani said this Hadeeth and other similar ones are false in his al-Silsilah al-Saheehah (458).
Shaykh Abdullah Al-Ghumari said in his “Murshid Al-Hair li Bayan Wad’ Hadeeth Jabir” and he said, “this is a fabricated hadeeth that has no basis in the books of Sunnah.)------------ALLAH (be He blessed and exalted) says: "Behold all that is in the heavens and the earth," but neither Ayât (proofs, evidence, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) nor warners benefit those who believe not." [Yunus: 101].


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