View Full Version : Narcissim and Islam

05-31-2019, 10:06 PM
They say narcissim is a psychological disorder meaning the person is selfish and has no empathy. They do not feel remorse and often are prideful arrogant people who enjoy the pain of others. Islam is about repentance and anyone can repent and change. Yet if people are with these conditions. Often these people see there is nothing wrong with themselves and go on to harm others. If they never repent and keep harming others...does that mean they are forgiven? Because Allah does not hold a man accountable for their sins if he forgot, asleep, or mentally insane. Does psychopaths and sociopaths and narcissists classify as mentally insane? These people know what they do is wrong because when they get caught they deny or often try to hid their bad deeds. Yet many narcissists lie, break promises, and betray trusts. Very similar to the descriptions of the hypocrites in the hadiths. Will Allah then forgive these people? Especially when they enjoy commuting crimes? Does that mean serial killers who lack empathy and sadists get forgiven?

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05-31-2019, 10:40 PM
There are levels of helpless madness, temporary insanity, and of criminality - judge with truth, knowledge, and justice in Allah's sight so as not to err.

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