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06-28-2019, 03:27 PM
...with surah al kahf.

NEW for 2019, another exclusive video from the team at Dawah Digital.

Imran Hussein, shows us some deep and profound lessons from Surah al Kahf in the Quran in light of the modern day obsession with materialist pursuits...

this is one not to miss!!


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06-28-2019, 08:43 PM
Watched only part.
Beginning I liked. That we either can learn material world to worship Allah or become slaves of it.
This is Tawheed, to worship only Allah, not anything of Creation.

Then he goes with
condemning focusing on material world which preventing us from worshipping Allah.

But whatever we can focus our mind anyway is the part of the Creation.
We worship Allah with our deeds in Dunia.
If one rejects material side of the Creation, he appeals to angels and jinns.

I agree with him about atheism, atheism considers only physical aspect of the Creation, ignoring questions why and what for.

But then he almost equals it with naturalism, how he call natural way of obtaining knowledge about Dunia.

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