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Abu Fauzi
09-18-2019, 09:16 PM
As-Salaam alaikum,
Abi Imama reported that Allah's Messenger, alaihis-salaat was-salaam, said:--

"Among my followers, I love most a believer who controls his emotions,
who gives prayers and fasting a good share in his life, who is known to
worship his Lord, and who obeys Him in secret. No one recognizes him,
and he arouses no curiosities. He subsists on meager sustenance and
exercises patience. His Lord awaits to bring him to stand before Him, few
will know of his death, and fewer are his heirs."

Source: 'Hilyatul-Awliya Wa Tabaqat al-Asfiya (The Beauty
Of The Righteous and Ranks Of The Elite), by
Abu Nu'aim al-Isfahani.

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