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View Full Version : Dunya over hearafter

09-28-2019, 01:28 PM

I have a friend who's a Muslim but he prefers this worldly dunya life rather than the hereafter. He does pray sometimes and goes to the mosque, but says he rather have everything in this dunya and be happy rather than not having anything and as he just like everyone else he might not go heaven.

What's the best advice to give him? How can I help him?

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09-28-2019, 10:11 PM
Assalam Alayk
There are different people in the world and undeniably everybody has different ideology and way of thinking but may be the best thing to tell your friend is to remind him that what so ever he gets in this Dunya will finish in other words all resources in this dunya is limited has its time to end be it happiness, success, wealth health in fact even the soul dies, but the hereafter is eternal, nothing ends there everything id permanent everything. so actually maybe the wisest thing is to strive for what is permanent instead of the temporary things. its is clear that the quran asked us to seek for the best in this world nut also at the the strive for the aakirah. its not like its haram or i=unacceptable to seek for pleasure here but while seeking that plesure he should make sure he pleases Allah in the process.

09-28-2019, 10:12 PM
Normally human beings are made to seek for things that are everlasting and permanent which is a clear evidence that we are not made for the dunya but the dunya was made for us and we are made for JANNAH

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