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View Full Version : Infidels will say, would that We Were the Muslims!!

10-23-2019, 09:51 PM
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By Mohammad Rafique Etesame

The holy Quran makes mentions,”It may be that those who disbelieve, wish ardently that they were Muslims. Let them eat and enjoy life, and let them (false) hope beguile them, they will come to know” (Al-Hajar:3).

These verses reveal that a time will come when the infidels and the other none-Muslims will wish seriously that they were Muslims. The question is: when will this time come? So according to the commentators the first occasion was at the time when the chieftains of the infidels of Mecca were defeated by the poor Muslims of Madina in the battle of Badar. Then they wished if they were Muslims, they had not been dishonored and defeated. And when every none-Muslim will die and will see the angels of death and torment, then he will wish seriously that if he were Muslim, he would die easily and would not be punished. The last occasion will be that when it will be the Day of Judgment and the Muslims will be made to be enter the Paradise and the infidels and the sinful Muslims will be entered the Hellfire; then the infidels will criticize the Muslims saying that “what type of benefit did you take from your Islam that you also are being burnt with us?” Than Allah Almighty will ordain that every faithful believer remaining in the Hell-fire should be brought back from it, and than these Muslims will be entered the Paradise and the doors of Hell will be closed forever. This will be the last moment for the disbeliever’s when they will feel grief and will be the great benefit of being a Muslim that they will get rid of the Hell-fire

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