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View Full Version : Is it considered a sin to feel like this?

10-25-2019, 11:56 PM
I know it's a sin to bear ill feelings against someone unjustly. I'm not forsaking the brother. When I'm forced and near him, I say salam to him but in many situations I do all that I can to avoid him. At times if I accidentally lock eyes but then I look away pretending I didnt see him. Im trying not to cause trouble in general. The feelings of hatred I have is because this man's wife, and his daughters humiliated me. Even though he did nothing against me, I do not know why I feel so angry but when I'm near him I'm doing to best I can to polite and give him salaams. I make dua for the brother and ask Allah to.guide him but when I do not see him at the mosque I feel little relieved. I know Allah loves him because he comes on Jummah when never came before so this must be because Allah guides him to the mosque and Allah brings those who he loves close. So I try my best to polite but how can I remove these feelings of anger. I know he personally didnt do anything but I feel like he is partially responsible of why his family caused me so much trouble. Am I sinning for feeling this way or is it understandable? If these are sins what can I do to fix this and be better?
Jazakallah khayran

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10-26-2019, 12:01 AM
Do these thoughts make me a bad muslim?

10-26-2019, 05:05 AM
Salaam brother,

If the man did nothing to you and you look away from him, then you should not do that. It may be considered as arrogance which is personality of shaytan.

About his wife and daughter humiliating you. Why dont you complain to the man about it?

And Allah knows best


Eric H
10-26-2019, 10:07 AM
Greetings and peace be with you Studentofdeed;

I know Allah loves him.

but how can I remove these feelings of anger
You give really good advice to others on this forum, and I believe deep down you have all the answers you need.

You will never look into the eyes of anyone who does not matter to Allah, and you say that you know Allah loves him. Reflect on the 99 names of Allah, and you will come to understand what you must do. Always search for the good that exists in all people, they are a part of Allah's wonderful creation, strive to be an encouragement and an inspiration to those you meet.

May you be blessed with the wisdom and the kindness to do the will of Allah.


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