View Full Version : Forgiveness and Justice: When The Prophet Smiled.

Abu Fauzi
11-07-2019, 09:17 PM
As-Salaam alaikum,
Allah's Messenger, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam, said:--

"I smiled because of 2 men from my Nation, who shall kneel in the Presence of the Lord
of power. One of them says: 'O My Lord, grant me retaliation for the wrong which my brother
did to me.' And Allah says: 'Give your brother that in which he was wronged.'

'O Lord, he says, 'none of my righteous works remain.' Then Allah [the Exalted] says to the
man who made the demand: 'What shall you do with your brother, seeing that none of his
righteous works remain?' And he replies:-

'O my Lord! Let him bear some of my burdens in my stead!'
And Allah's Messenger wept, as he said: 'Truly, that shall be a fearsome Day, a Day when men
have need of others to bear their burdens.' Then he said: 'Allah shall say to one who made the
request: 'Lift up your head, and look to the Gardens.' This he does, and he says: 'O my Lord!
I see high cities of silver, and golden palaces wreathed about with pearls. For which Prophet
shall they be, or which Saint or martyr?' And He said: 'They belong to whomsoever pays Me
their price!'

'O my Lord', he says, 'And who possesses such a price?' 'You possess it,' he replies. 'And what
might it be?' he asks, and He says: 'Your forgiveness of your brother.'

'O my Lord!' he says, 'I have forgiven him!' Then Allah the Exalted says: 'Take your brother's
hand and bring him into Heaven.' Then Allah's Messenger recited part of first ayat in Surat Anfal
of the Holy Qur'an: ''...Fear Allah, and make reconciliation among yourselves'' (8:1)
(al-Hakim al-Nisaburi: al-Mustaadrak ala al-Sahihayn) iv, 576.


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