View Full Version : Black Friday and Muslims

11-29-2019, 02:37 AM

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11-29-2019, 07:46 AM
This has nothing to do with black friday. this applies to anything that might distract you from doing ibaadah...like watching television, playing videogames, thriving any other hobbies and just forgetting the time...etc. etc.

11-29-2019, 01:57 PM
All 'black friday' means to Muslims is, a day to shop on the cheap! :)

11-29-2019, 03:31 PM
You are right that it applies to everything else but I thought it was relevant as today is Black Friday and would serve as a good reminder. We can get in line for hours just to get cheaper things but when it comes to waking up early for Fajr, many of us fail because we don’t see the instant reward. If somehow government may announce that anyone going to Fajr early will get $1000, trust me there will be lines starting from isha time. That’s the level of imaan most of us have.

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