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View Full Version : Is this way of dropshipping permissible

04-16-2020, 04:38 PM
salam wa alaikum -Brothers and Sisters. I have read the earlier forums about dropshipping and I'm still a bit confused so I decided to ask some clarifying questions. So there is this website zendrop where all the products listed have already been bought in bulk and kept in a warehouse and you are able to order samples from that supplier ensuring that the product is not faulty or anything like that. With this new way of dropshipping you are basically working with the supplier to sell as much of the product you can by advertising it. If I use this website and find a product and order a sample of the product and insure that it is in fact a working product, would that make dropshipping permissible?

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04-29-2020, 11:12 AM
السلام عليكم

"...However, if dropshipping means that you are marketing the product through your website or web page and when a customer wishes to buy it, you conduct a sale transaction with him in the form that you will provide him with the product with the requested specifications within a fixed time and he pays you the price of the product directly via a money transfer or deposits it in your bank account or the like, and then you buy the product with the required specifications and arrange with the company to ship it to the customer directly, then you should know that this falls under the category of the salam sale (i.e. a sale for an agreed price with immediate payment while delaying the receipt of the sold item to be delivered in the future on a fixed date). If this is the case, then there is no harm in that.

Also, if you only market the product and buy it on behalf of the customer acting as his agent and charge him a commission, or if you agree with the company on marketing and selling its products in return for a commission, then there is no problem with that as well.

The prohibited scenario is to market the product as if it is your property and in your possession and sell it to the customer before you actually buy it and take it into your possession and arrange with the company to ship it to the customer directly. This is prohibited because it is selling what you do not own, which is prohibited under Islamic law. We have previously underlined the prohibition of such a transaction in fatwa 276988..."1

Also see :



1. https://www.islamweb.net/emainpage/P...ng=E&Id=321031


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