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View Full Version : I want to share Islam to family but

04-22-2020, 10:20 AM
I don't know about the religion of the others in the family now. We are all in all 10 in the family. Mom and dad still alive. Alhamdolila. So... As much as I know our youngest came back to Islam but I don't know if she's praying or not. Okay okay. We're just humans. So... Sometimes I'm scared to convey Islam to them because at some times I remember I just remember they got angry and what about this problem? I'm scared they might get angry. I thought I should just stay calm... Hm... If they die and they still have that weak attitude of theirs astaghfirullah for our weaknesses all of us, then i think I should just make a simple dua. Can you relate? That you're too sharing Islam to your family. I share sometimes in Facebook and it's alright and sometimes sometimes. But sometimes, when the thing is scary, I think we should stay calm and not put into hardship our family and let Allah's grace handle this. Sometimes the hadiths or rulings to share are kinda scary. We live in a Christian dominated society. We had a problem back when living in a Muslim settlement. Alhamdolila looks like everything's fine I just want to know if others are in same boat we can stay calm and remember God much and he will show us the way. He is God, Allah, glorified and exalted, the most kind.

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