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View Full Version : Coronavirus is destroying faith

04-25-2020, 02:05 AM
It brings neither joy or happiness to see that the most Orthodox Muslim believers have abandon the most essential precepts of the faith for such a negligible threat to society.

The current best estimated for Mortality from the Coronavirus in Western Countries is between 0.1% and 0.66%. In New York tentative estimates of mortality are 0.5%.

The current Crude Death rate of the Muslim Core, Morocco to Pakistan, is probably 0.6%. If we go back 40 years it was probably 1%.

Due to the population pyramids of Muslim countries being bottom heavy with large youthful populations the Coronavirus is much less deadly for the Muslim World. It is unlikely that crude death rates in an uncontrolled scenario will exceed the rates in any Muslim Country going back to the 80s and for most like Pakistan and Iraq the earl the 2000s.

Yet despite this we see “Muslims” pray 2 feet apart where most people would have said that Shaytan would come in between if asked 6 months ago. Al-Azhar and Mufti of Mecca along with the Clergy in Iran endorse and enforce the closure of the Mosques for Jummah even during the holiest of months.

Where are the faithful who used to criticize others for such trivial things as having their arms touch the floor while in the state of Sujud. This community was filled with such controlling and intolerant elements but now they are hiding in their homes afraid of death?

The faith is dying before us and for what? The faithful are to not fear death, they are to fear God. So much blood has been shed by arrogance in the Ummah and intolerance of different strands of the faith yet now something that has never been done before, the closing of Masjid Al Haram and banning of Jummah prayers, and no one is protesting? What were the last Five tumultuous decades for? How we disrespect the martyrdom of thousands if not millions.

The one faith that seemed to honor traditions, good or bad, with extreme zeal will now wither away with such whimper.

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