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View Full Version : Is it okay to use dreams to prevent a change in reality

04-30-2020, 11:02 AM
I will illustrate with some example from my life. I was out of job and was kind of stressed and this was before i was thinking to become a muslim, but back then i had methods to calm myself and i did that afternoon. The next morning i saw a dream, and in the coming days i saw another. After 3 months i had a job and we were doing some training with other colleagues and i remembered i had seen this dream a few months before, i was in a chair with other people and in a high building, back then when i first had the dream i thought it was just random. A few days latter in another training day i was sitting with my colleagues again and i remembered the scene again like in my dream which was me sitting in the exact situation and one of my male colleagues had this black shirt with a green writing and in the dream i ask him somehow sarcastically if he knows the band in the shirt (because he should since it is in his shirt) and he replies no i don't know it, it's just a shirt.

Sure enough he had the black shirt with the green text but i wanted to change the reality at that moment and make it something else not like in my dream i wanted to test the validity of my dream but at the same time i had this desire to make it just like my dream, but decided to change it. In that very moment while i was trying to change it somehow stupidly my mind assumed that the guy knows about my dream and that we have met before, and in my attempt to change the reality it seemed for that moment okay to ask him if he knows the band on the shirt which was written in green text and was expecting him to to laugh as in "you know you have asked this before and caught me" and so i would change reality based on the dream, but he replied just like in the dream "no i don't know it, it's just some shirt" and in that moment i realized that it just played out as in my dream despite my attempt to change it and then i acted like everything is fine and continued.

After a few months i was fired from the job but that story is a long one maybe for another day. After a few weeks i was stressed again for a job and money to pay my university. Same thing again i use my methods to calm myself and on the next morning i see a dream and they calm me down since i was in a different place and i assumed that it would become reality in the future, and i see few more in the next days, i mostly see dreams when i am stressed. After 7 months i was in the job in another country and after living there i remembered the dreams just after they happened. One was me in the mirror but there was some light behind my back shining from the window and i could hear music in the background and in that moment i remembered the dream i had months ago exactly like that.

When that happened i remembered another dream i had back then which was me in some forest almost and there was a woman which seemed like the mother and a young boy and the assumed mother points at me and says "thats him" and the young boy says "hi *my name*" After a month i was collecting pears in this massive pear plant as was my job and while i was collecting in my line, on the line across i saw a mother and a young boy, i immediately recognized it just like me dream and knew what would happen next but didn't resist it this time, and sure enough she pointed at me and then the young boy said "hi *my name*" i said hi back but didn't know either of them, in the next few days he did the same and i just said hi back. Again in that same month i saw a dream where the wife of the my boss finds my boss or her husband lying in the ground as if he was weak or hurt and says "oh husband" and i thought that was weird and after two weeks she learns that her husband was cheating.

I have had also dreams that were absolute nonsense that never came true or that i knew were nonsense and dreams that were a mix of them and not very clear. Again in that farm i had this troubling dream were this almost like a evil creature with very white face but also red and black around the face stabs what seemed like my brother in the eye and i was worried and look to see his damage but his eye was not hurt. A few days latter where i was living with others some cooking device was not working and we were trying to fix it but could not seem to find the problem, the device was in the table and we were trying to fix it after a long day of work, now the old woman we had there was playfully mocking us that we can't fix and was playfully trying to stab us in the stomach just like a joke, i was focused on the device and tried to have a closer look and bend down and she in her game without knowing almost stabs me in the eye with the screw driver but it was just a 1 cm past my head without touching me at all, she was all worried are you okay and so on, and that worry made me remember the worry for my brother in the dream and in that moment i recognized that her white face was all red from the sunlight during the work day and she had dark eyes from the make up and feeling-wise resembled the evil in my dream.

I will stop here with all these stories, all this happened over the span of last year, but basically my question is if we should aim to change those dreams of we see danger or just accepted them as warning?

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Eric H
04-30-2020, 04:21 PM
Greetings and peace be with you Drake,

Some years ago my daughter went to see a spiritualist, which I really disagree with. The medium described a butterfly brooch and said, have you found it yet. My daughter asked all of us about this brooch, and none of us knew anything about it. Sometime later my daughter saw another spiritualist and she asked the same question, have you found the butterfly brooch?

My daughter told me about this brooch; and I asked her, what do you think it would mean if you found this brooch? She thought the brooch was important and special, if she found it she would be amazed. I said, I think the brooch is just a means of affirming there is some truth in the message. The following day; my wife phoned me to say that the printer had stopped working, she moved the printer to check the wires, and underneath was the butterfly brooch that the medium had described.

I said to my wife, if you switch the printer back on, there will probably be nothing wrong with it, and sure enough the printer worked. It seems that the printer only stopped working so she would have to move it.

God works in mysterious ways, although my wife and daughter did not seem to have changed after this experience, I have found a profound increase in my faith and trust in God.

After this experience, I felt the need to do something.

May Allah bless you on your journey,


04-30-2020, 07:40 PM
Greetings Eric, that is such a sweet and interesting story, I am glad it helped you with your faith. It's always nice to see a similar story somewhere else and feel more connected. Thank you for your well intended wishes and i wish the same for you.

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