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View Full Version : Question about verses of Sajdah in the Quran

10-25-2020, 09:49 PM
If I am leading the prayer and recite a Surah that has a Sajdah in the verse, is it a requirement to prostrate or is it okay to keep going? Is it makrooh if one was to keep going?

Second question is, say their is a Sajdah in the last verse of the Surah for example Surah Al-Alaq and I am on the second Raka is it okay to go into Sajdah and then into tashahhud? From my understanding is that after every Sajdah, if one was to prostrate then they have to get up and either keep going in the Surah or perform Ruku and then prostrate again, one cannot go from standing to prostrate into tashahud sorry if that sounded confusing!

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10-26-2020, 12:57 AM
You might have to look it up on a fiqh website, I THINK it is not required..Dnt take my word for sure tho..

I do remember though when I prayed at the masjid during taraweeh, we went into sujud and then we stood right back up and he continued the surahs

Ill see if i can find anything later on

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