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View Full Version : Oh Muslim bros&Sis'- Please Be Good To Reverts

12-09-2020, 05:14 PM
As Salaam u Alaikum Wr Wb

Hope everyones well & is under mercy of Allah.

Just wanted to shout out to all:

Be respectful towards your fellow Revert Muslim brothers&sisters.It's a,pity that we are so evil when it comes to reverts esp Revert sisters. It's like we act so poignant with reverts,we outcast them & make ourselves reason for their giving up on Islam as has happened with few due to bad treatment from fellow born Muslims.The fact is women in Masajid,starts gossiping about reverts after their Shahadah in which everyone takes part in.We don't let them in,actually we have this twister hearts for white reverts esp as they have a worldly status not religious(Only he is better in Deen who has Taqwa not that reverts or brought up Muslims ).It's jealousy&hate for them that Muslim women aren't being good to them,Leaving them in tears&anguish.

We all are guilty of repelling them from Islam,abandoning the Deen & oppressing them.
Remember you're own struggle with Deen

Remember how much Islam means to you

Remember ALLAH's Love for you


Remember ALLAH's questioning of you on day of judgement about your oppressing a Muslim so much that he/she left ALLAH's Deen!

I ask Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala to forgive us all & help us & allow us to make amends.

And Allah knows the best!

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12-09-2020, 05:48 PM
wa alaykum assalam.

Yes it is very important to greet them and treat them warmly. It's also important to respect them by not giving them too much attention.

Either you may have those who are arrogant and think lowly of reverts, or they will treat the reverts like idols.

When I started going to the masjid for the first time, everybody kept giving me too much attention and pressuring me a little too much like I was the most pious in the room when I really wasn't

They thought I came from a Christian family because I looked very unfamiliar to them,. I couldn't even explain who I was because most of them were old and could only speak Arabic or Urdu so I couldn't communicate my thoughts

Unfortunately at the time I was new to studying Islam so I would end up believing I was very special.

Too much praising could harm a person by letting him/her become prideful

12-10-2020, 01:35 PM
It includes both kinda treatment.Too much attention & hostility.

Middle path!

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