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View Full Version : Where can Brits travel without quarantine condition amid Corona

12-21-2020, 11:47 AM
As the second wave of the novel coronavirus spread raised, the ban on travel in worldly nations came out to be a new development. As people are concerned about the travel conditions, Brits would also want to know where they can travel now. Although a confirm information about the British Muslims for Umrah pilgrimage is that they cannot perform Umrah at least till December. If you are interested in taking January Umrah packages in advance, you have an option to book one for you and your family.
Destinations the Brits can visit without Quarantine:
For the Britishers, there are places in the world that are ready to host you without restrictions and quarantine conditions. The countries are listed below but first, know the basic requirements of traveling in the world amid coronavirus spread.

You need to have COVID Test Certificate:

Either traveling solo or with family (Which is dangerous during covid-19), you need to get tested by a reputable clinic or hospital to prove that you are covid negative. Without the certificate, this is hardly possible if you can travel internationally.

Book for the limited and Non-shifting package:

In covid-19, you are not free to move to any destination without knowing that the place is safe or not. You also have to inform the authorities about your activities at a place so they can help you taking care of yourself and to avoid the coronavirus. Mostly the budget trips have shifting packages that are not safe in the covid-19. You need to choose the non-shifting packages so that you can stay at one hotel.

Limit Your activities:

Either you are going for a business meeting or making out your holidays, you need to limit your holidays concerning the threat of coronavirus.

What About the Holiday attractions?

Holidays attractions on most of the destinations are closed and people are not allowed to go to such places. For example, Germany, France Italy where you could go in early summers are now curfewed concerning the increasing threat of coronavirus. Holiday destinations like Parks, zoos, natural places, museums, and other public places are closed. Let’s discuss the places the Britishers still can visit.

Germany – Open For Brits:

Germany although locked partially, receives the travelers coming from the United Kingdom. The Brits can show a covid-19 negative certificate and can enjoy their time in Germany’s most beautiful holiday destinations. After showing the covid test, there will be no need to stay in quarantine. Still, it is suggested not to travel so much and respect the government's precautionary measures. Although the tourist attractions and destinations like Zoo, parks Bars restaurants all are closed.

Greece – Need for the COVID certificate for Brits:

Greece also needs a COVID negative certificate to exempt your quarantine period. You can visit Greece’s most of the destinations during your visit but try to avoid visiting the public places. The government has announced the precautionaries to avoid the second wave of covid-19. Look for the places important to visit and can be visited by following the SOPs.

No condition of 14-days quarantine in the Maldives:

Another green and ideal destination on earth, Maldives does not need to quarantine you if you get the covid-19 negative certificate in your hands. It has been observed that there was less threat of covid in green areas especially in woods and rural areas. The Maldives has a variety of green areas to visit and less threat of coronavirus. You may visit many destinations but with following the standard SOPs. It is also suggested to avoid the unnecessary moves and be the responsible citizen of the earth by not being the carrier of coronavirus and spread it.

Sweden is conditionally open for Brits:

Sweden allows the Brits to visit the country but with some conditions. There are locations in the UK like South Wales, Northern Ireland are having different Quarantine conditions. People traveling from the Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man are exempted from the UK Quarantine list. As Sweden is also facing bad days because of coronavirus, avoid going there else you have to go for some business or important work.

Fly and Travel Safe – Packing Items amid COVID:

The packing list for you for the corona season is different. You need to pack the gloves, masks, and sensitizer, handwash, and other anti-bacterial and germs free items to make you safe during travel and your stay at new place. Stay in the cleanest hotels that follow the international standard SOPs for OCID-19. Fly with the airlines that promises the best services during COVID. You need to sit on the distance in a flight and no need to have unnecessary moves in the flight too. If there is a layover, limit your activities at the airport and be in the corona free corridors.

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