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Nitro Zeus
12-22-2020, 11:10 AM
Assalamu alaikum,

I dreamt of becoming myself 2nd Greatest Sunnah Muslim scholar with great foundation. Because, I wanted to be like brother Mohammed Hijab one day so I can defend Islam from critics and polemics, and from so called Ex-Muslims who wishes nothing more than to create problems and cause a lot of fitnah(tribulation or sedition) and I am personally sick of fitnah which these people are creating, and I will literally bring the END to Fitnah(Tribulation)

What are your opinions on the following books:

  1. History of Al Tabari by Ehsan Yarshtar
  2. Biography of the Prophet by Ibn Kathir
  3. Biography of the Messenger of God by Ibn Ishaq
  4. From the beginning to the End by Ibn Kathir

Are they reliable for studying Islam?
Also, I wish to read the history of Ottoman Empire and what they did every single thing which caused people to hate to Islam. Is there such book? If yes, what's the name of it?


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