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View Full Version : Hypocrisy in some muslims

02-11-2021, 06:07 PM
So this mind-set of being Muslim when it is convenient and giving it up
when I am demanded to sacrifice is a sign of hypocrisy and it applies to
many situations, and it is very dangerous and one should try to check up [on]
themselves and see if that is the case; do I become enthusiastic to join in
Islāmic activities when I feel that there is a worldly benefit for me in it, but
when it becomes demanding then I give it up? For example, you might know
some parents who are very happy about Islām when it comes to the part of
Islām that talks about children being obedient to their parents and respecting
their parents, and the rights of the parents being second to Allāh جل جلاله and all
of those Āyāt in Qur'ān and Ahādīth of Rasūlullāh صلى الله عليه وسلم that tells them to
take care of their mums and dads, etc., so they love that part of Islām,
however when it comes to the part of Islām that for example tells their son to
go and fight Fee Sabeelillāh جل جلاله ,no, they do not want that part, and they do
not want their children to hear about that part. So I love Islām when it is
going to tell my sons to be submissive, but I do not like it when it tells them
to go and give up their lives. Or for example, the husband who loves the
Ahādīth of Rasūlullāhصلى الله عليه وسلم when he says, ‘If I was going to tell a woman to
make Sujūd to anyone other than Allāh then I would tell her to make Sujūd
to her husband,’ and, ‘If the husband goes to bed and he is upset with his
wife then the angels will curse the wife until the morning,’ and he would repeat all of those Ahādīth, but when it comes to the Ahādīth of Rasūlulllah being kind to his wives, when it comes to the stories of the Sahābah
being kind to their wives, he wants to hide those away. Some scholars for
example, they love to talk about how you should respect the scholar and how
you should obey the scholar and listen to their Fatwā and not disagree with
them and you should honour them, but then the scholar would shy away
from the parts of Islām that tell them that they need to speak the truth, they
need to speak the whole truth, they should hide nothing from it, and they
should speak the truth even if they are going to have to pay the price with
their own lives. So this duality of wanting to be a Muslim when it is
convenient and trying to cover up the other parts is not a good thing, and as
we see here, it is a sign of Nifāq. So one needs to be careful and make sure
that they do not belong to this category of people. Allāh swt says: Udkhulū
Fissilmi Kāffah – Enter into Islām completely [and perfectly].
take Islām in its entirety; you do not take some parts and leave others, that is
a sign of the People of the Book; they believed in part of the Book and they
rejected others. So we have to accept it all, and when Rasūlullāh (saw)took
Bay‘ah from Al-Ansār, the Bay‘ah was, “At-Tā‘ah Fil Manshati Wal Makrah
– You obey me in times of ease and in times of difficulty.” It is not [only]
when you like it, and then you neglect it when you do not; you have to take
the whole package as it is.
[Source : Seerah of prophet Muhammad)

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02-13-2021, 06:01 AM
(The believers said):We hear & obey

Revert alYunani
02-14-2021, 02:47 PM
They dont take those parts cuz they want to be a muslim when it is convenient they take it cuz they use it in their own benefit and to feed their ego.There is an ayah or hadith making my wife obey me? Oh sure ill take it and keep it as its the most important part of islam!!.These kind of people are a joke,may Allah protect us from being like them, ameen.

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