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02-26-2021, 09:10 PM

Muslim countries that import meat and poultry from Brazil, Australia, New Zealand etc usually trust local Halal certification committees of those countries for verifying whether it is Halal or not. Each of those supplier countries have one or more such Halal certification committees. For example, JAKIM of Malaysia routinely publishes a list of Recognized Foreign Halal Certification Bodies. Saudi Food and Drug Authority also has a similar list here.

But the problem is, how can we be sure that the local Halal certification bodies are trustworthy? For example, it has been said about Sadia chicken from Brazil that non-Muslim slaugtered products were being labelled as Halal. See https://www.foodguide.org.uk/answer/88/

I was recently informed by a trustworthy source that whenever inspectors from Saudi Arabia or any other Muslim country visit their plants, they keep the inspectors in quarantine for 3 days during which they replace internal workers with Muslim staff temporarily and make other such arrangements to avoid being de-listed from the Halal list.

Most of these commercial suppliers, even in Saudi Arabia, use electric shock to stun before slaughtering. As a result, some of the chicken die before they are slaughtered, making them Haram for consumption.

Another issue is that of contamination. Recently it was revealed that a meat supplier in Malaysia mixed horse and kangaroo with Halal beef. See https://www.therakyatpost.com/2020/1...s-in-malaysia/

So those of you living in such countries from where the meat and poultry is supplied, can you confirm from your local Halal certification authorities regarding the whole slaughtering process?

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02-26-2021, 09:22 PM

Bogus certificates https://www.soundvision.com/article/...-local-picture

What Muslim countries are eating? | SoundVision.com
An Expose of Halal Certification Fraud of food exported from the U.S....

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