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View Full Version : The unbelievers and the igorants,and life after death?

Revert alYunani
02-27-2021, 01:28 AM
There is something that is ''bothering'' me.I know it shouldnt bother me,but what can i do,my heart is full of sins and sick and it bothers me.

First case
Lets say Abdullah is muslim,he believes in Allah,he prays (or at least he prayed some point in his life) does the basic things as every other normal muslim.But he takes a loan,or he carries necklase,or cuts his hair in a way he shouldnt cut it,sells alcohol or does haram be it big or small,but he doesnt know it is haram nor that it is halal.In other words he didnt check to see if it is haram or not,he just did it.Would he be accountable for it?
Shouldnt we search for everything if it is halal or not before we do it?
Why it bothers me is because i learn everyday about matters of fiqh.There are so many things i wanna do but i cant do it because i learnt i shouldnt do it.It doesnt make sense learning then and making my life harder if some just get away with it being careless and not being accountable for it.

Second case
What is the case with the people who have known about Islam but not actually known Islam.If you ask a nonbeliever if they have heard of Allah,of Mohamed,of mosques,of muslims praying putting their head on the ground,most likely they will say yes,but they dont know the five pillars,they dont know how to pray,when to pray why you pray,they never read the Quran etc.Are these people classified as unbelievers,and if they die they will go to jahannam,or they are considered as people who never know about islam?
Everyone someone would brag to me with their wealth,id find condolence in the fact that they are unbelievers and in akhirah they have no share,but lately shaytan is bothering me a lot about it.I gives me thoughts as these people will be tested in akhirah and will get a pass in jannah,enjoying both worlds,while my sins would put me to jahannam and id be lost in both.

JazakhAllahu Khair

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02-27-2021, 02:42 AM
Assalamu Alaikum

Your first problem is worrying about the destiny of others especially when you've not put that same worry in yourself. Don't even think of someone else until you have got a strong handle on yourself first, and THEN the type of people you can compare yourself to are those who are better than you in good deeds, who are doing more, who have good character. Surround yourself with those people and GROW. You are not competing with those lower than you, are running behind you, or who have no clear indication of a path. Have higher standards for yourself. If you are in a race, you look ahead not behind.

Your second problem is that you are living too much in the present's fleeting pleasures. So for example when it comes to reflecting on your past you might live your life without thinking about your past mistakes and feeling remorse for them because you want to enjoy yourself now, and when it comes to planning for the future you're too distracted to increase in the knowledge that prevents you from making future mistakes. I mean you might do some planning, but it seems you want to enjoy your life more so you'd prefer to live in ignorance so you can attain pleasure in haram things without the risk of Allah's judgement. But you know better than to live this way. Ignorance is stagnancy and eventually it becomes degeneration.

The third problem is you dwell on your situation without action. So if you know you've done wrong or have done wrong, then simply do more good and abandon what is wrong. We have the tendency as humans to complicate situations more than they need to be. Also if you are doing poorly in your worship it does not mean that you should just do poorly in everything else just because you think there's no point anymore. You will struggle as we all do, but you get back into it and just do right again. You have to increase your reliance in Allah and realize that if you abandon something for His sake, something better will come your way Inshallah.

02-27-2021, 06:17 AM
السلام عليكم ورحمةالله وبركاته
Knowledge has a great importance in islam. But as the great scholars(may Allah have mercy on them) have said the most important is the knowledge of "tawheed" , your aqeedah needs to be perfect. Yes, fiqh is important indeed but not the most important one. If your aqeedah is strong and correct, then even if you commit sins , Allah may forgive you. But if there are so many good deeds but your aqeedah isnt strong, you're gonna lose the hereafter. ALLAH himself said that HE can forgive every sin except shirk.
So if a mushrik dies without repenting, ALLAH is not gonna forgive him ever which is why we should gain knowledge of every kind of shirk. Bcuz as the hadith says whoever says the kalimah tayyibah will enter jannah. This doesnt mean to say by tongue, it means to act upon it always. Unfortunately we have limited shirk to worship of sculptures but in today's there are many kinds of taghoot(false gods) who want us to worship them and you know whats irony, most of the muslims do obey them and worship them!!
So the first thing is learn tawheed. In hadith(i dont remember the no. but Wallahi its sahih) it says the sahabah learnt their faith first and then QURAN. So you see, knowledge of tawheed and shirk is extremely important. Of course the "famous" dollar scholars have left this topic. One great scholar, i guess ibn taymiyyah or ibn qayyim said that" the whole Quran is of tawheed". And how many times do we read in Quran where ALLAH tells us to "stay away from tawagheet(false gods) and worship only HIM sincerely". But today's muslims think that they dont worship statues so they are pure from that.SubhanALLAH, there are so mamy kinds of shirk in modern world!! It can be in any form like blind following the scholar, worshipping the grave, supporting the government other than islamic, promoting feminism, and many more!!!.
So a muslim should first and foremost gain this knowledge and give a little bit time to the knowledge of fiqh but if he was unaware of something being haram but he stayed away from every kind of shirk, then there are very much chances that ALLAH may forgive him. And if a person commits a sin knowing that it is haram, then repents , ALLAH will forgive him if HE wills. But, but if a person had knowledge that smoking is haram yet he thinks its his life and he will do whatever pleases him and he considers it halal, then this will be kufr bcuz he changed the haram to halal which is contrary to ALLAH'S law..
I would recommend you to read the books of Imam Muhammad bin abdul wahhab as his focus in those books is mostly "tawheed and shirk".

About the second case, anyone who heard about islam but didnt accept it is indeed disbeliever. And we shouldnt doubt about
their kufr or else we will become kafir. There is no one in this world who doesnt know what islam is except those who live in isolated islands. And there matter is with ALLAH. But nowadays, everyone knows what islam teaches about worshipping one God but they dont use their common sense this is why they dont accept islam. And they know that they will have to leave the luxuries of this life if they become muslims just like the kuffar of Quraish, they know about ALLAH but due to arrogance and luxuries they didnt accept islam.
Gaining knowledge about these topics is extremely important,bcuz only then we will know what is haqq(truth) and what is baatil (falsehood)!!

02-28-2021, 05:34 AM
asalam alaykum
It's important to understand that ignorance of Allah, His words, and what He wants from us is in of itself a sin. Allah has condemned ignorance in the worst way in the Quran,

"Indeed, the worst of living creatures in the sight of Allah are the deaf and dumb who do not use reason."(al-Anfal: 22)

Allah condemns those who have perfect eyesight but don't observe, perfect hearing but do not listen, and are given hearts but do not reflect, do not think, in essence, do not care.

When a person cares about something, they learn about it. We see people knowing the intricate details about the latest technology, we see people becoming like walking encyclopedias with regards to health and fitness, the latest trends in fashion, business trends, the actions and influence of major corporations, the in-depth political situation, the actions and statements of politicians and people of influence etc. You will find one who will know about cars: the latest models and designs, another knowing about different sports teams: the players, their strengths and weaknesses, and how well the team is doing: and so on. I met a guy once who knew the in-depth history of Japanese anime.

Yet, the majority of all of these people don't even know who their Lord is. This is a very appalling condition. Even though this ignorance is widespread, it is still a great sin. Because it is widespread, it becomes a fitnah for us because any sin, if done on a wide scale can be made fair-seeming as if it is no big deal, even though it is loathsome to Allah ('Azza wa Jal). Shaitan can beautify things when they are predominant and make them seem less than what they are.

If one wanted to argue with me and tell me that the Muslims have not fulfilled their responsibility in full with regards to Dawah and getting the message across to people I would accept that. However, the Muslims still have gone to great lengths in terms of translations, making the Quran accessible in every language and books and lectures that have covered Islam in quite some depth in order for the people to understand who their Lord is, who their example should be (Muhammed (SAWS)), and what Allah wants from them. Then why are these people so ignorant? Simply because they don't care.

Scholars actually classify this as a type of Kufr: it's the Kufr of turning away from the truth.

Ignorance is not an excuse unless the person doesn't have the ability to know. If one is in a state of repentance and they are actively seeking knowledge and certain aspects of the Truth have not become apparent to them, then it is hoped that Allah will have Mercy on that person, but a stubborn commitment to ignorance and a refusal to learn even the basics of who our Lord is is deplorable.

Keeping oneself ignorant doesn't absolve one from the responsibilities that come with knowledge, we will all be held accountable for what we keep ourselves ignorant of.

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