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View Full Version : Discussion on Islamic Eschatology vs Christian Eschatology

08-25-2021, 02:32 PM
As Salam-u-alaikum everyone, i hope you are all well.
I want to start a discussion and everyone is welcome to chime in please even if it a small contribution , as to the differences between Islamic End times and Christian end times. (Also known as Eschatology)

i would first like to start on the Islamic Eschatology, we Muslims primarly draw our references from Quran and Hadith, and our (Authentic) hadith is full of references to the Dajjal, and i believe a few references to the Al- Mahdi, however the references to the Dajjal is much more stronger. The Dajjal, also known as the Anti-Christ, will be sent to test mankind and will claim to be the messiah, and then God. Therefore , one would presume that the bulk of his followers will be Christians and Jews, along with some muslims as well due to his deception.

We muslims have been blessed in that our Prophet (PBUH) gave a very detailed description of the dajjal, how he appears, what he will do, who will follow him, the miracles etc etc. We know that ISA (AS) will decend from heaven and defeat the dajjal.

Now, on the other hand, the Christians draw their eschatology from their scriptures, Such as the New testament, Old testament and primarily i presume the book of revelation.
The description of Jesus (PBUH) in the end times is almost akin to what we understand to be the Dajjal. The christains claim that when Jesus returns, he will be called "king of kings and lord of lords" and willl have that written on him, which sounds like a claim to divinity because only Allah is the king of kings and lord of lords.
Also, The book of revelation is littered with references of God and Jesus being worshippped together.

Could it be that the book of revelation, will be used by the Dajjal to manifest himself like this "version" of Jesus (PBUH) in order to fool and decieve the world?
Could it also be, that if the book of revelations is a man made scripture , as its Authenticity like the entire new testament is questioned, and being so (because we muslims can not reconcile some of the things stated in book of revelation, as it contradicts the hadith heavily) could it be that Allah (SWT) allows dajjal to use this to Dajjals advantage , in order to decieve the world ?

I would be interested in hearing your opnions on this matter and i hope for a fruitfull discussion.

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