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View Full Version : Can a video tape (Move scene) actually be cursed and kill you in 7 days ? Islamic

11-21-2021, 03:46 AM
I am a 15 year old boy and I have been going through something very horrifying as of late. I watched a movie or 2 yesterday and both of them were horror movies. Now obviously as far as the movies are concerned, they are made to scare people. If they don't scare people, they won't get sales obviously. In those 2 movies - Which were roughly based on each other as only a few details were changed. They were like a Japanese version and an American version of the same movie. Therefore, they have similar main details and the only one that is relevant to us is the cursed video tape. It is shown in the movie itself that whoever sees the specific cursed tape will definitely die within the next 7 days or on the 7th day. Now I don't believe that anything else but God has power over who will die and when will they die. Though I have been frightened because stuff like black magic exists. Now they were movie scenes so in a way millions of people saw that and if millions would be dying from that, it would have created an outrage. That covers the logical side of things. Despite that I am still very concerned and it has given me a sleepless night. I watched only 1 second of it accidentally. It plays a very creepy pattern of things. Now I don't know what I should be doing, because it says if you show the video to someone else within 7 days it will revert the curse, but frankly deep in my heart I know that it is uttermost nonsense. I tried listening to Surah Ar Rahman and it did calm me down until it was time to sleep. It is not that I don't believe in the power of God or that I don't believe that God will protect me given that I have asked protection off him through my own language and by reading the first pillar of faith. All I am asking here is that what are the chances of such a video tape or whatever being actually cursed and actually kills you through a paranormal matter? If there is a chance, how do I seek the protection of God and counter this threat before it vanishes me? I am actually absolutely frightened. Please tell me the Islam perspective of things here.

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11-21-2021, 12:07 PM
It's just a movie it's not meant to be real. I'm guessing youre referring to two hollywood movies. Everyone here in America knows those horror movies are just stories. Don't get too worked up. It's fiction. Made as a made up story by a hollywood director (or you mentioned it was japanese, perhaps japanese director), in order to entertain people. You are still young, don't watch such things if it is going to scare you so much. People usually watch horror movies to get a slight to temporarily moderate feeling of getting scared, while knowing it can't hurt them. It's a hard to describe feeling. But personally I don't think you should be watching horror movies. Also, many ulema say movies in general are haram.

11-28-2021, 02:28 PM
Thank you for the response. I really appreciate you taking your time out to answer this. I had lost access to my account for a bit but here I am on the 8th day. Well for the most part I was really fishy about this whole video tape thing, but of course the Quran says that black magic exists. Which only makes me question why would I risk my life for no particular reason? That is why I'd want to know if it was just you know fictional. Although, one more thing I'd like to mention is that the clip I said was uploaded on Youtube by a Youtube channel and I didn't see the movie. This thing made me question more as I questioned the possibility of that particular clip being cursed really and the movie one maybe not. As far as the movies being "Haram" are concerned, I am actually aware of that. Though I am honestly not the most religious person on this planet, I know it's nothing to be proud of, but it is just me. I am not a disbeliever though.

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