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View Full Version : *** The Prayer is a means of forgiveness ***

Zaheer A Khan
12-01-2021, 02:25 PM

The Prophet صلى الله غليه وسلم said:

'' When a slave stands and prays, all his sins are brought and placed on his head and shoulders. Every time he bows or prostrates, some of them fall from him.''


{ Imam As Suyooti in his Jaami as Sagheer and graded as Saheeh by Shaykh Al Albaani رحمهم الله }

Al Imam al Munaawi رحمه الله commented:

''What is meant is that every time a pillar [ essential part ] of the prayer is completed, part of his sins fall from him, until when he finishes his prayer, all of his sins are removed. This is in a prayer where all the conditions are met and the essential parts are complete. What we understand from the words "slave" and "stands" is that he is standing before the king of kings [ Allaah ] in the position of a humble slave.''

{ Fayd al Qadeer Sharh Jaami as Sagheer }

*** And Allaah عزوجل knows best ***

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