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View Full Version : What should I do to my sister?

12-15-2021, 02:38 AM

My big sister have a boyfriend, they've been together more then 2 years, so its not taaruf, their relationship is full of zinah and i despise it. We never have a good relationship because she always have anger issue, raising her tone to my parents, she also didnt shalat at all, Shes 29 but shes at home doing nothing and she didn't finish her college. I try but its hard to maintain good relationship with her.

Then 2 days ago my sister asked me to help her get a flower bouquet for his boyfriend. She didn't said for who and I didn't asked her but I know that it would be for her boyfriend (and its turn out correct) so I don't want to help her because I will get the sin for helping her, so I rejected it (I didn't tell her my reason, if I tell her she didn't listen to me anyway cause I'm the younger brother and she will get mad at me) and then she got mad at me and she said that family should help one another & she said wont care about me anymore. Now I'm questioning is what I did is right? to not help her? I know shes my family but as far as I know it will be a sin if I help her, I dont think what I did was wrong, I tried to search for answer but I haven't found any that has the same situation like me. Anyway I'm used to this toxic relationship, I'll just shut my mouth and respect her as a family if she won't talk to me then whatever.

I would appreciate any advice and support.
Thank You.

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