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View Full Version : Marital issues

01-30-2022, 07:07 PM
Assalam O Alaikum everyone

I have a question about my partner fiance , who I got engaged to a few months ago
We are scheduled to marry in a few months

However I have a few doubts creeping in

Firstly the love and care I show for her is no being reciprocated. I fear maybe I ask too much from her or maybe I love her a bit too much. Eitherways it's like my energy and love is at 1000 while she is like at 100.

Secondly I have told her that we needs to be more loving and devoted to me.
But despite knowing that the majority of her time is going to her family , friends and I get the least time with her ,
Any advice or Dua to help me in this matter?

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01-30-2022, 07:25 PM

I can say out of my perspective, my side if the mirror, please do not ask similar before marriage.
Woman also tend to test you-will you leave her after the honeymoon or pregnant?
Woman want top achieving, productive men, that do not show such emotions most of the time. They want that you understand anything around her and do not question her trust.

Otherwise, dear brother, I'm not that eloquent.
I would recommend you a nice read, to prepare yourself for a new role insha Allah:

Ask regularly duas from Hisn al Muslim.

Ask Allahumma khirli wakhtarli, Allahumma inni asalukal huda wessadaad and other prophetic duas. Please google them.

One additional input-if your finances are not that good, please improve in that firstly.
Buy her gifts and give a gentlemans mahr.


01-30-2022, 08:31 PM
Women remember a lot. Always be good, caring, mercifull, kind, rewarding, gentle, nice or it is a lose-lose.

Choose wise and support her improving herself further with good friends, education etc.

Do not be dependant on women. Do not expect anything from them. If you ask it is almost lose-lose.

Because of that, chose well, a healthy, sane, productive, socialising with good, educated women, from good family, good believer, practicing nawafil, learnt in deen and dunya, humourfull, possitive, caring, clean etc.

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