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03-23-2022, 12:41 PM
When people commit suicide they go to Hell, as they are basically saying their lives were not meant anything because of a particular problems(s)

Even when people are victims of crimes -please do heed Allah's word, no one's sins is so much that it blots out the sun. Their sins of rape, torture, or whatever abuse is not greater that your being -what Allah has provided you.

When you are on the Day of Judgement you will look down at the people who inflicted harm of any kind-why did I make a big deal of this person, when a person dies, they will feel small, on the Day of Judgement with everyone in humanity and Jinn and the angels being there, all the Prophets do not demean yourself and say life is not worth living.

Allah has tested others with extreme suffering and they are continuing, even when they have had bad skin issues and they are having to go through pain and suffering, changing their bandages.

If your throwing away what Allah has provided you, then Allah would not provide you with anything else in the hereafter. You wouldn't be willing to give the bad people your money, clothes, home, go out of your way to help them, then don't give up your life, by their actions-it is they who will have the torment if they don't repent, being reminded of their evil conduct daily. There will be no freedom of thought or movement in herefter-they can't just simply think about nice times when they are being burnt-Hell isn't a learning place, you don't learn when you are on fire. It is a place of torment.

Heed Allah signs and remember the kindness of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Do NOT commit suicide.

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03-23-2022, 12:48 PM
I couldn't have said it any better.

Do not commit suicide.

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