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03-24-2022, 08:56 PM
As can’t cover all behaviour issues, I would like to use one in particular-an example to highlight what I believe are a lot of problems that people are facing, and this is why we have a lot of posts having issues with their personal lives-and to me it comes down to respect and discipline -it is not the first thing they think about, but as it is a boring subject to talk about manners-but it needs to be said, instead of people believing that how they are, is OK.

You will have come across some of these people:

1. People who don’t wash their hands before touching food
2. Putting their shoes on places where someone wants to sit (dirtying the chair etc)

The reason why they do this is complacency, they haven’t learned to discipline themselves, they just focus on having fun and what interests them -but bypass here what is important, being respectful to other people, respecting other people’s bodies and property.

Just like at school you would have come across children in school, who don’t pay attention, wish to have “fun”, and mess about, don’t care that their parents are supporting them to get an education, getting free education. So this person, lets say grows up, and now has come across a problem-let’s just say they get married and they have a problem with getting along. This person will want to get help, they say this is their problem, they wanted to get married have a good life. Even if their husband or wife has caused the issues -it doesn’t change the fact that it doesn’t matter-as Allah is High. He wants people to be the best they can be. That doesn’t mean supporting anyone who hasn’t learnt how to be an adult.
This person has spent most of their life messing about, and just wishing for things to work out well.

A believer is someone who is a servant, and people start young as children, to be obedient. This is were even in the Quran, when the Jews were asked which cow to slaughter, they used the cow that belonged to a Mother (whose son was obedient). Here this means not answering back, being humble and not complaining.

These people have never done that! They are not happy and then complain as teenagers that they need people to be nice, and then people need to know them (even though they don’t even know themselves, and wouldn’t be able to write an essay about them-failing to accept that we are only simple people living simple lives). When this teenager gets into a relationship, it only takes a small grievance, and they will be upset and fall apart.

Now, if you wanted to serve the Prophet, you should be willing to accept his orders, andpeople normally learn how to be obedient with their parents. This is where if you can’t do it with your parents, how are you going to do it with anyone else (only of course if your parents are not abusive).

There are countless of good stories, were people have persisted and supported others, without complaining (this is not because their life was working out well and being perfect).

An example I would like to use:

You should be respectful to a shopkeeper and say thank-you -if you didn’t that is rude, and that you don’t care – so why are people turning their backs on Allah?? It is stated somewhere that if you do, then Allah will look away from you on the Day of Judgement

Here Allah is far above to what they say. If Allah supported and made any person live how they wanted, then Islam would be different, the test in this world would be different. We instead would have different verses in the Quran, possibly to say, if you want your life like this, then just say this pray and you will definitely get it (which is here what black magic is saying!)

This is where people bring their immature arguments, Allah won’t forgive them-well that is being disrespectful as we are worshipping a Merciful God. So why are you saying he wouldn’t ?? Those people are also wasting other people’s time asking the same question-the problem isn’t with the people’s answers, but with yourself.

These people have already disrespected so many things-and they have shown it by even repeating their questions again and again, then who are they to be able to tell people what kindness is, when they don’t even demonstrate themselves what respect is?? Are they really in the position to complain-as they then didn’t accept that things are not here to give you what you want, nowhere did Allah say in the Quran you can get what you want.

Some people repent to Allah, thinking that means their life is going to be perfect-and when this doesn’t happen they get upset-so your saying that your only care is about getting things in a certain way from Allah??

There are plenty of Muslims who are lying and feeling sorry of themselves, when the fact is, that even if Caliphah Umar Ibn Al-Khattab came into this world, he wouldn’t be fighting for the Muslims, he would be critical of the Muslims (don’t be surprised if you got hit by him too).

Allah is testing people, that means getting you to be the best you can be, not supporting you to stay the same, in your limited ways of how you think everyone and everything should be to you. I even had read somewhere, that someone was complaining that his Mother and sister were watching dramas, and that he was religious-he went to post that he was praying to Allah to make them better Muslims, but that it really upset him. He wished for sympathy-it is easy to try and paint a picture of being a victim-a true believer wouldn’t be spending so much time being aggrieved, his Mother and Sister pray and so what if they watched a TV drama-I think what he wanted was to get more attention from his family for learning about Islam-but how can you get attention for something that someone isn’t going to spend a lot of time talking about—here so many people are quick to hide and use religion (and a number of Muslim males have done that when they have had children with non-Muslims, to gain the upper hand-but Islam values position of a Mother, and we are not here to support your life they way you want it to fit in when you make mistakes-here as above people complain to Allah-Allah is High, not working at your petty level).

The basics of evil is lack of manners, obedience and discipline -as someone simply said you just need to treat people how you want to be treated- and what do these people know, when they don’t give enough attention to anyone else, except their own wants??)

This is also why there are so many threads about sexual matters- if they were never disciplined in doing the basics-how are they going to be disciplined in anything else?? But people presume it is just a sexual thing-but it is not-what more proof do you need, when they keep on asking questions-disrepectful. At the end of they day, Allah is still keeping you alive forever-what more do you want?? He has created people who need food, go the toilet and still show them mercy-what more do you want??
They are more pained about how to be treated by other people-again going against Allah and his teachings, nobody will care about you on the last Day.
Putting people forward, like Mothers is that they wouldn’t be changing the role and playing helpless and asking for attention. This is why there is a huge problem with how they are treating eathing disorders, even children who have had whatever problem-they keep on trying to treat them as very young children, when your trying to get their lives all right for them. This is wrong, that is they children at a young age should have responsibility-so they are not putting themselves first. If you were alone on an island with a small child, then you know you need to put that child first, you can’t leave them on their own. There is a problem of too much free time, people had responsibilities when they were younger-teenager’s way of life was invented in the modern times. If children have problems, the best help they can also get is when they apply themselves to something, not by asking them to sit there like a toddler asking for others to entertain them. It is a huge issue, were people are told and believe that they should do anything that makes them happy -then how on earth are they going to deal with life in this world??

As a believer, you can’t spend your time thinking and making your life of how you have been wronged- this is not the definition of the life that Allah has provided.

Be aware, just because evil is associated with murders, rapes etc, that not everyone will have committed those, people get more interested if it was murder etc, and find it boring of lack of manners-but this is the basic problems of people.

This is where in now in many places, even if they were told to behave, they even attached people-even old people on buses, as they have the attitude of who the hell do you think you are-and these very same people would be complaining as anyone you’ve seen in forums, that they are not happy (even if they are justified) that someone is treating them right, and they want the relationship to work out in a particular way-. Here, as the above, they may say and others respond their issue is the relationship, but usually it is about lack of manners, obedience and discipline-how can they have something, that they don’t even give to others (doing it for favours doesn’t count) . This is why a Mothers love is used as she sacrifices her time doing much for her children, without asking much from them.

Allah is above all that -he doesn’t play society games, he will also not be doing that on the Day of Judgement. I hope that this in someway helps people to see and not get led by those that need to sort themselves out first instead of asking for someone or something externally to work well for them. We cannot know the lives of people, but if they are not listening to the basic message in Islam -then that is enough to show were not being respectful to Allah (they find it too much effort to even read something which may take a couple of minutes-but are happy to complain for many hours).

Don't be fooled and led by anyone. If people are not listening to an answer that is perfectly sound in Islam-then walkaway- as they have walked away from what is good and they are the ones that need to do what they are supposed to do correctly (not you doing more).

Also only follow the Mahdi and the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him when he comes back. This is just as important, as when problems happen, people can end up doing the wrong thing.

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