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03-25-2022, 02:28 PM
The best advice is to only join the Mahdi and the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him when he comes back.

I like to also include this webpage:


There is always talk of "freedom" etc in the West. I am appalled that people are going through bad things because ultimately people are waiting for politicians to have peaceful negotiations. In particular as a woman, knowing that we don't have much say, neither do the elderly, disabled and children.

Ukraine conflict has highlighted, just as others:

1. Politicians are grandstanding, thinking they are in an OK position (here public were not in agreement-no one wants a war),
2. Then there was a war-Ukraine obviously wasn't ready to fight a war-as they were then telling civilians (were these cviilians ready and did they have a choice??) to fight and then asking other countries for protection.
3. Ukraine then is saying that it wants to have future protection from countries (even though they aren't willing to send soldiers from other countries)
4. Ukraine then asked to join with NATO etc.

I have said this to other Muslims, even in regards to conflicts with Muslims around the world, if some Muslims want independence for example-doesn't make it a just cause, as they are Muslims, (as I don't agree with that they are disciplined and know what it is to be a servant), when they can't fight, they ask for other Muslims to fight in-so WHY did they cause trouble??

As far as the war is concerned, Ukraine accepted other countries to increase military presence - here they were willing to be used as a springboard to attack Russia (Russia as far as I'm aware asked to join NATO but were rejected), I don't know why Russia chose to attack as nothing is stated that their borders were attacked-but there is oingoing like this Ossetia area.

Even tough we don't have all the informaltion and the political level we don't see all the decision making process, It all comes down the same thing that we as individuals need to do:

1. Be peaceful and don't get taken in by other people asking you to join in -stay away -this is not worth the masses lives. Now they are asking people to fight, well if they can fight, then they should also be in a position to be part of negotiating then.

2. Ukraine should have spent more time and money looking after their Civilians -and Russia should do that with theirs. Not asking the masses to be used -heavy losses and both sides

Fighting for something is personal -you can't as people have done it today, sign up and treat it as a job-and just say you are willing to die, because your leader told you to. That is where need to be sure that it is religiously governed, people have the best of intentions-and I can't see that anywhere.

Allah isn't going to reward you because you died in a battle that you didn't agree with-here people in Ukraine are forced to defend themselves and it is frustrating that it is just because they are wiating for people to sign a peace treaty.

It is stated that there will be a bad leader rising in Syria-it is easy for any bad person to take over, he may be attacking the enemies of the Muslims and that is probably why they will join him. This is were you have to look what their intentions are and how they are treating others.


As our religion was perfected and we listened to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, Allah has allowed jihad for those that fight you. The people who going wround corrupting in this world are the worst. Allah has ordered murders to be killed (unless blood money), etc, this is his world, he doesn't need to send angels especially to do that job. We have to forbid evil and enjoin what is good. But I can't see any leader having the position of telling anyone to do jihad- it is mostly for self protection as the people in Ukraine are being forced to do.

Jihad is not there to slaughter people -we are not acting as a the people were destroyed at the times of Aad and Thamud. When people's tests are finished on mass0 -that is up to Allah. Jihad is more about outcome -living, not to be oppressed (were people opposed the Muslims for worshipping Allah). If there was no need to live with them, then there would be no need for Jihad.

During the Major Signs of the Day of Judgement, the bad lot will go down to try and attack the Mahdi but will be swallowed up by the earth-this is because the jihad is pointless-what is the point of fighting, when we are not looking for them to repent- again here we don't need to act as slaughtering the bad people.

I think the biggest issue is people can get lost in what bad leaders are doing-Muslim and non-Muslims.

They I think are spending too much time with Atheists -when Atheists here think they can choose who to question -but as a Man, you can't you need to forbid evil and enjoin what is good, and if you can't go against the people who are clearly causing the trouble, then you have NO RIGHT to say anything. Just as the Christians were in fear to stand by the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him (despite all his signs that he had showed), -then why are they opposing the Muslims?? the Atheists are fooled thinking they are better and peaceful as they don't take sides -well they are a laughing stock to the rest of the world, this is what their media doesn't tell them. It doesn't tell them, that a Muslim has no interest in asking for an Atheist to mediate between a conflict between the Muslims, the Christians and the Jews-these parties will be remaining after these countries go down. The Atheists say they only believe what they can make sense of, but don't do much about transgender-clearly telling people to believer a lie, just because it makes people happy, the Atheist when questioned why they are dead, will be so stupid it won't even be able to say what is what, as that is the state of their soul. They can't even stick up for themselves in the workplace and don't push for reform-like recently employees died during bad weather -candle factory and Amazon place was affected. Some employees were warning the Employers, but were told to continue-here the bad thing is that they are only going by what Employer deems safe. They go against even people's intuition -where people know it is a bad idea. This is a massive problem for self - protection. Hugely disadvantaged already. Thy just tell people to buy poppies in rememberance for wars-but for World War 1 it was stated a war to end all wars. As a Muslim I should remember that people have died and will be brought forward on the Day of Judgement. Killing someone is more personal than marriage-you can't say you taken someone's life unless there is a just reason - and here in Islam if they have broken Allah's laws. Self-protection is justified, if that was your only choice. These countries don't have an agreement with Allah that when they have people die, they will go to Paradise. These politicians aren't trusted and they talk about misinformation-all people need to know is the basics, treat people how you want to be treated, and if they are taxing people just for wars and things they didn't ask for, asking people to stay in debt for years and then got the nerve to raise more money for war issues. It is wrong. Even if there wasn't any information by anyone else, people can see they are all causing trouble. Imagine as people they ask us to remember, a soldier could have survived but didn't as the ceasefire happened just 5 mins after-imagine that. They came to an agreement-should have thought about people more and obviously neither side Ukraine and Russia have thought about the masses.

The Prophet Jesus peace be upon him isn't going to be asking people to worship him when he comes back, he won't be impressed with the statues (there will be no need for the tax that disbelievers pay for protection-as we don't need to do anything for the sort-but that isn't about state buildling. This is distraction from what is really happening-heading towards the Major Signs of the Day of Judgement -whatever happens, whoever remains, people will be unsettled, uncomfortable.

Please remember that a group of people will flee back when hearing the Dajjal has arrived-they realise he hasn't but he really does come. If you say that to anyone now, they won't be fleeing anywhere - here is the point, that you can't waste time being distracted (being aware yes) of what politicians are doing, then you are not talking or telling your children of the coming of the Dajjal. Whatever happens, Allah provides a fair test, that will mean no politician is in control (as there will be no borders and people will be fighting, Atheists and homosexuality etc-people will not be speaking of-that is only the case as they are having this economy etc (they were even particularly uncomfortable during Covid)_

So whatever happens, how bad it gets, hold steadfast to Islam and remember that Mahdi and the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him is coming back, and that the Dajjal is coming-you can't wait to be told when these countries are no more like this-only remnants. The politicians can say what they want (even the devils have this arrogance think they are in control-who do they think they are-Allah is keeping this planet revolving more for the masses not the leaders-they ain't that important, and they think to disregard people's lives as meaningless -it is the poor they should be thinking of -not themselves), but ultimately we are not sitting her to pay more taxes, have wars while thiy sit back and plan more trouble. We will be saved from this-the problem is that it won't be pleasant for anyone as we are heading towards the Major Signs of the Day of Judgement, were people will accept that their countries are no more (and even all the leaders will acknowledge this-may some may think it is leading to the New World Order thing-but whatever happens is too much-hence proven that by the mentioning of the turmoil in the Midldle East of the Muslims fighting each other).

Remember Allah, the Day of Judgement, Paradise and Hell (this is what any person in the next world would tell you to do, and you will acknowledge what you should have done on the Day of Judgement.

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