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View Full Version : Body Image Challenges, Insecure cause of Looks Part 5

05-01-2022, 08:08 PM
I believe this applies to both genders. This is an excerpt from one of Dr Kanwal Kaisser’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning. My notes are in brackets.
So there is no reason out of desperation that we destroy our lives in pursuit of ‘looks’, decrease our self esteem and (waste) all day keep thinking how do I beautify myself. What we need to do and work on is appreciate yourself.
That day you feel like crying. Sit down, you need to remember (and appreciate) aspects of your body.

  1. Kidney
  2. Lungs
  3. Heart

Research (the benefits) of these. Don’t research the lives of rich and famous. These days, they have introduced implants. One of my friends told me you should look age appropriate. If I am in my 50s, then I should look I am in my 50s, okay if someone says I don’t look like my 50s they shouldn’t say I look sixteen either which I am not. Now that I am in my 50s I want to adopt appearance of a sixteen year old. That will look inappropriate which will keep increasing my stress. Yes, I would like to take care of myself. That the body Allah (swt) has given me in trust I don’t fill it with ‘fat’ cells.
The body organs that Allah (swt) has given me I should take care of them. The life (of the organs) is good and they are productive. How do I preserve my kidneys? I drink more water. I don’t burden my liver with junk food that it needs to detoxify. For my lungs, I should abstain from those drugs, intoxicants. This is ‘appreciation’ of my body.
What should I do with my taste buds? That food I enjoy that Allah (swt) has provided and (eat) in manner of Prophet (saw). Every time you are eating or doing something, you need to appreciate yourself. Look at those people who are paralyzed who cannot move. This is why Allah (swt) has placed these examples in our lives. A famous story of scholar who is looking at his feet and thinking ‘ i don’t have shoes’. His efforts were focused towards self pity. He suddenly saw someone who didn’t have legs. He immediately thanked Allah (swt) that You have provided me legs.
Those areas we need to appreciate we need to focus our efforts towards appreciating those. What will happen when you do this? You will take yourself towards (state of having) unconditional love. ‘Unconditional love’ means you choose to love even though there are imperfections over there, My Lord has created me like this, that’s why. Allah (swt) has chosen me like this. Inside my skin is working the same way some beauty pageant holder’s skin is working. My eyes are also functioning the same way hers are. My teeth chew the same way hers do. My heart pumps the same way her does. I need to appreciate those aspects. Because this is what is important to Allah (swt). Or why else would Allah (swt) do this? You have to acknowledge the reality. And what is reality?
Your external conditions shouldn’t be your ‘core’. That you destroy yourself by constantly comparing yourself to others. And you have to vigilant to your self talk. People who dislike themselves, their talk is what? Because, therefore, If only I had gone here etc. You need to separate out your ‘self worth’. You have to give this message to yourself each time. What message should you be giving? If you have to see your self worth, you don’t have to see your ‘worth’ in how much you are getting. You don’t have to evaluate through the lens of others. Look at yourself through your own lens. When we are looking at the mirror, how we admire ourselves? Are we not happy that time? Don’t we feel good. So when you have to look yourself, you need to fit in that scanner that Allah (swt) has created me like this and I need to appreciate myself.

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