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05-09-2022, 12:45 AM
I like to add some information, this I will add is a personal opinion -bridging together information from psychology.

Active thinking - I think alot of people may not consider how they think, and when they are possessed they are not aware of it, usually there is a difference between active thinking to passive thinking. Active thinking is when you are using your mind-applying it to perhaps learning or to a task. Passive thinking, is when you are perhaps just watching TV.

There are account of a few people who have uncontrolled body functions-such as swearing etc -but when they apply their mind to a task they problems are either gone or diminished for the duration. I am not saying all their problems are jinn related, but want to highlight, what I believe is relevant information. With Jinn possession, people are taken advantage of with passive thinking at times too -this is not to say they are weak, but rather as we live simple lives (uncomplicated as many people think-as usually have regular jobs, as tasks are second nature. Usually when people are told to switch off from TV etc from jinn possession to help clear your mind and have it focused.

There are instances, when people maybe aware of jinn possession, when they are doing active applied thinking. As they may feel movement inside their minds/bodies. This is where due to the jinn always following you:

1. never say outloud what you are thinking about
2 think of something random and actively, strongly concentrate on that.
3 it is helpful to conjure up an image in your mind (this is because your body is in 2 worlds -the jinn and the human-this is why the jinn can see you, and they can touch you-also why when people do black magic, they come in front of people making their spouses look bad to turn people off, also how they distract people, and they feel disengaged-not feeling much good emotions) - I think a shape would do, and draw an outline of any shape in your mind-not any standard one -or draw a picture, do sums, or look at words in your mind and do anything, you may feel movement inside your mind/body.

The above, maybe controversial, but after looking around and people's experiences, I felt like I should add this on, incase it does work for anyone, and to check if this works, if they are unsure. Usually I would just go by the verses of the Quran, but some people don't understand how jinn possession works-and the above demonstrates what they do to an extent.

I just don't wish to hide or keep any information, that maybe useful to anyone in this world. Remembering Allah and the Day of Judgement, Paradise and Hell, and don't wish to die, thinking I should have put this information to someone at least. I'm not an expert, just some stuff pieced together. Thank-you for your time.

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05-09-2022, 05:29 AM


You may be right in something, but, different type of sihr posessions are real and yhey can imput/read thoughts snd alter tongue in full scale (controling tongue etc.).
The person is not involved.

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