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View Full Version : Transgender issues

05-23-2022, 06:31 PM
I like to add some areas that I have seen:

1. In Allah's infinite wisdom, he has shown people what Atheists do-if they don't want to follow religious rulings, instead of being held by them, they want to say that Allah doesn't exist-instead of changing themselves. This is what the transgender have done. They are saying that are assigned our gender at birth and you can't tell if you are male or female (minus unsual cases), by simply looking at their genitals), so here they wanted the whole narrateive to change, to fit in around them.

2. An example that secondly comes to mind is that when you don't want to get along with someone, and they are the only people in the village that sell plums-an arrogant person would refuse to purchase them (even though there is nothing wrong with the plums), here creating an independance and sepaeration,from others-this is what also vegeterian goes with etc. So they don't need to get along. This is what transgender are doing also. REgardless of the reasons -they wish to change to fit around how they feel-which is also pushed by the Shaytaan.

3. It is not difficult thing, when we see many people, wishing to have certain fashion, hair, plastic surgery to change their looks, and then you have the extreme end. REgardless of the levels -as a Muslims, I don't treat it as a complex issue, but a simple one of people being rebelilious for whatever reason, don't want to go along with their gender and not forgetting that we all have shaytaan following us around even at an earlier age.

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