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View Full Version : Camel - suffering - return to Allah

05-24-2022, 12:37 PM
With suffering people get caught up with the Shaytaan whispers and getting upset. Here, I would also remember the time of Prophet Saleh peace be upon him in regards to the camel that was sent.

The camel that was slaughtered is not going to complain to Allah in the hereafter. The people of Thamud should have been kind, and accepted Allah's bounty. When they were not kind, they erred and led themselves astray and by doing so, they wronged the camel and slaughtered it.

The camel would agree that the people of Thamud should have been kind -not that Allah should have changed the situation. The camel is not going to say it was worthless, because of the actions of the evil doers. It is going to say it is worth something, and that it belongs and SUBMITS to Allah -there is nothing better. So not matter the evil deed-like rape, murder, people should not be allowing the crimes of evil doers to take away who they are-they are more than the actions of any evil doers. It is their humiliation on the Day of Judgement -they will feel so small amongst everybody in the history of this world, with Jinn and Mankind. They asked for people to suffer because of their jealously or their pride. They said their jealousy or their pride was more important-but it isn't. They don't control themselves, but ask others to put up and deal with their behaviour, remember the Prophet's job was only to convey the message-if people don't heed, then that is their problem. Don't waste time with people who waste their own lives-like those who are addicts, yes they can get help, but they ultimately need to help themselves.

Too many people blame Allah for the wrongdoers behaviour, but Allah is always Merciful and the actions of the evil doers do not change that. Allah has allowed people to see what they do with their own hands, they blame Allah, but they do not do enough to deal with crime-like Allah has allowed the death penalty, instead like the west, they are asking even victims to pay taxes to pay for rapist and people who have murdered their relatives.

They have changed justice, and asked for people just to be happy about reading out an impact statement to the Murdere/rapist-instead of what is a Man's natural reaction is just to get rid of them.

Allah has provided the laws, it is not for Allah to support people playing society games-showing off, ie, wanting to have children for this, I think people are immature a lot these days and when things don't go their way, they get upset. Allah is asking for your gratitude -not your complaints. No evil deed is so great that it can blot out the sun. The camel was placed in a situation for the people to be kind to it, they weren't, Allah, gave the people the camel for them to enjoy the benefits -this what they were given was greater than then their evil deeds. Like when children are killed, what Allah provided was greater, they could have had a quality life with their child-the evil doer is the one that threw it away. It isn't that the child, camel etc are in a low position, but they are in a high position, as they had a blessing, it was a good thing, it will remain as a good thing on their record at time that they threw away. Self-worth isn't based upon the actions of evil doers, but that Allah has created you and no one can take that away. Even evil doers ask to be taken out of existance-why should Allah undo what he has done-becausae of their evil deeds-Allah is Greater. He will not undo what he has created, he will send them to fire-their reward (people say they don't understand the Hell-that is as they are trivialising sins, it is of no different if you rejected Allah in the hereafter-then where should you go??)

Allah is Most Merciful and he will be blessing us with the time of the Mahdi and the return of the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him. Do not think that Allah is not Merciful for when he only provided a blessing and it was shunned by the evil doers. Remember the Day of Judgement and do not be led astray by the foolish.

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