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07-30-2022, 03:56 PM
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Islam vs Monasticism, the salient features of Islam:welcome:

By Mohammad Rafique Etesame

Monasticism is defined as: -

“Monasticism, or monkhood, is a religious way of life in which one renounces worldly pursuits to devote oneself fully to spiritual work.

This is the religious practice of living apart from the world, usually secluded in a community of like-minded people, to avoid sin and grow closer to God.”

This is the specific way adopted by some people in order to grow closer to God, as regards the religion of Islam, so it is against it as a hadith of the holy Prophet PBUH reveals as: -

Anas declared that God’s messenger used to say, “Do not impose austerities on yourselves and so have God imposing austerities on you; for people have imposed austerities on themselves and God has imposed austerities on them. Their survivors are to be found in cells and monasteries.” [Then he quoted from the holy Qur’an], “Monasticism, they invented it; we did not prescribe it for them” ( Al-Hadid 57:27).

The question is: what does a man do to
become a monastic? So, there are many ways to become a Monastic or Monk but a common thing is that he does not marry so that he may separate himself or herself from society either by living as a hermit or anchorite (religious recluse) or by joining a community.

But the best way to get oneself closer to God is, to accept Islam and to act upon its teachings. In this way a faithful believer, not only can fulfills his natural desires or other requirements i.e. to get married, eating delicious foods and drinks, having children and to pass a luxury life etc.

And also he can gets himself closer to God along with it.

Also he can attain the highest position of spirituality in the best manner than the Monasticism or Monkhood.

But Some Monastics, Monks and those who left social life and take refuge in jungle, mountains or caves, they claim that they do hard exercises to gain high spiritual places. But if considered, then it becomes clear that living in the society and act upon the teachings of Islam is more difficult than these exercises.
Reason is that, when a man gets used to any hard work and toil in any circumstances, then, by and by this work becomes a feature of his nature and he feels no difficulty to do it.
For example, if you see someone walks on ice even in winter season, or eats leafs of a tree as his food, or uses any other abnormal foods, then people become surprise to see him, while it is his routine work.

On the other hand, when a believer who passes a routine life in society and eats every delicious food and drink, meanwhile, the month of Ramadan falls.
Now he is bound to stop himself from eating, drinking and fulfilling sexual desire at least for sixteen to twenty hours more or less, except in the time of ‘suhor’ when he begins his fast or when he breaks his fast at evening’ this is for a month.

So, actually, this is difficult because this is not his routine habit. Similarly, offering prayers for five times daily regularly both in summer and winter season particularly when he is busy in his business or service, as the holy Qur’an reveals,”
Seek help in patience and prayer; and truly it is hard save for the humble-minded, Who know that they will have to meet their Lord, and that unto Him they are returning” ﴾Al-Baqarah: 46﴿.

And along with it, to become safe from unlawful earnings and other bad acts like telling a lie, betrayal to others and adultery etc.
These acts are not impossible but difficult, also paying all the rights and duties to his wife, children and of other people, all these acts are difficult than Monasticism and other hard exercises of None-Muslims like Sadhu and Guru others.
So, the best way to get real spiritual purity and pleasure of God is, to join Islam and act upon its teachings.

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07-31-2022, 09:47 PM
İ remember vaguely a hadeeth or story where our prophet (sas) said that praying in some certain place or mountain was very good...
So a group of men just left their homes and families to live and pray on that particular place.
After our Peophet (sas) heard that, he urged them to return to their homes, because that what he (sas) said didnt mean they should neglect their duties and work etc.

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