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08-10-2022, 12:12 PM
Asalam Alikum
I am posting this on behalf of my mother. We have not got very good knowledge of Islam and need advice.
Basically about 32 years ago mum asked for a divorce from my dad and he refused. My dad was in prison and while he was there he was making mums life hell. Mum had enough. So with some help she went down the Khula route. Dad was sent number of letters about the Khula which he ignored. Mum was told after about 6 months she would automatically be granted Khula and she received a letter confirming she has now been divorced.
Now recently my dad came back and is claiming that because he did not give divorce by mouth she is infact still married to him! And her Khula is invalid means nothing. It like 32 years now . This is what we need advice on. Is mum still married or divorced??
Jazakala khair

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