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View Full Version : Drawing animate beings in Islam

08-26-2022, 06:50 PM
Is it permitted in Islam to draw animate beings? I asked this question on Quora and one response was that drawing is allowed, only sculpting things is not allowed. I draw chicken styled stickers, which are 2d and are not realistic. As in, instead of a detailed eye, I draw a black dot, and instead of a proper curved beak with two 'bits' as in the top and bottom, I just draw a triangle. I also include other things, though, like the comb and wattles(red bits of a chicken) . Is this permitted, because technically the chicken would not be able to survive in real life the way it is drawn, for example I dont draw the nostrils. I draw them because I enjoy to and to post them online.

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08-26-2022, 07:09 PM

Best is to ask local muftis to explain you in detail.

You should not go to extremes of one view without a proper research and finding out all the different Qursnic, hadith and sirah, fiqh, tafseer etc. references.

There are a narrations about dolls for childplay, and an analogy would be cartoons.

Ask muftis and do a lot of research.

08-29-2022, 04:08 AM
Best to stay way from grey matters as well, and find some better hobbies.



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