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09-28-2022, 09:53 PM
This is the issue with today's world people using how they learnt to justify taking time and doing it there way-when this is not Islamic as people can die at anytime. Some relevant points of how extreme this can go:

1. Certain people think that children now need to learn issues like sex at a young age so they would be saved from their mistakes-here using their own level of being to justify how others should be treated.

2. Just because Allah has allowed you time to repent-that doesn't mean that it was acceptable for you not to repent the first time you heard about Islam -that is what you will be saying on the Day of Judgement that you should have repented when you first heard of the one God, the Day of Judgement, Paradise and Hell. This is people's own ego that they don't wish to accept -as they wish to justify their lives-forbid evil and enjoin what is good, even if it is going against your own decision making.

3. No Prophet ever said it was acceptable for someone to repent afterwards-here people are not in the position to start teaching others -they are made fools of. Here, when people go on forums, they can easily see the amount of similar posts on personal issues and even before typing they already know the answer majority of the time-and all they leave with is just pushing for motivation etc. This is treating people disrespectfully as people are not always going to be around and you need to make the most of it, chances are it is not the first time that these people have had the advice. They also at times treat it like children at school, a teacher may have told a student something, which is clearly heard by another, instead of that 2nd student presiding to complete the work, they will ask the teacher to repeat everything they have said to them even though they have already heard it. People clearly don't want advice, they want emotional support-that works to a point, but doesn't work when you have to sort yourself out.

6. So, as above, your personal stories of how you sorted yourselves out as Muslims is not elevated from the teachings from the Prophets, regardless of how people learn -it is not for anybody to hold that higher then the advice that people should be sorting themselves out quicker -and here they don't do as they don't incorporate the remembering the Day of Judgement-a day that you will not care for others. If people choose to listen and be happy to do this, then that is only there own problem-as they are doing things more slowly.

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09-28-2022, 09:57 PM
This is also why Christianity has failed-as they wish to do and say things that work at their personal level, it is normal to be critical of someone they see perfect but when they know they had problems in their lives they say they will get on with such and such a person. This is why they embrace false teachings of like the Prophet Lut peace be upon him-putting Prophets down to elevate themselves-these are extreme examples of how they go and you may not understand the link, but it's is how people wish to be and disregard the basic teachings. They are not willing to give up on their own egos-as this is how they are and they endorse it by putting good people down, so they can say they don't have to be like that person. We are told to follow after the steps of the Prophets -not the steps of each other in how slowly they turned their life around.

Believing in Allah, means accepting that yes, you changed your life around, but accepting that you should have done it the first time, as no where has Allah ever made that acceptable, we are in a very difficult time and it going to get worse-so don't promote what you had, as it isn't likely people are going to be sitting there as comfortably to do so. Even that individual who was born in the Kaaba didn't repent until afterwards-but just because he has repented and successful in the hereafter, don't mean it was acceptable that he didn't repent sooner. This is not what Allah will ever be saying.

09-29-2022, 05:15 AM
Allah has already respected you more as he has always said you are capable and able to repent and accept him straightaway -but if you choose to listen to people, you are disrespecting yourself and they are disrespecting you by saying you are not capable and that you are like them and it is normal to be this way.

09-29-2022, 05:31 AM
This disrespect clearly is demonstrated by what you see happening around you:

1. If Person A had problems and they were approaching their friend for support but they didn't improve, and lets say they spoken to Person B-here Person B has given them the information and it does help them, but Person A doesn't like it but says what you said was right, but you should be like my friend- here they think that Person B should feel uncomfortable like if they are at school, and no one wants to listen to you. Person A is being arrogant (even though they are accusing Person B of being arrogant), here why would Person B care about what Person A does when they clearly been rejecting the truth?? Why are they asking everyone to be like their friend as clearly it didn't help them-they only wasted each others time.

2. This is where it has gone to lengths, that if Person A had mental issues, then they are spoilt by their friend, setup of an institution, where they think people need to walk around eggshells, and here you actually get Person A, teaching others how they are and how other people need to be careful with them -here though is the opposite in this world where being an Adult is presenting yourself and sorting yourself out to be able to function in the world-not asking for others to change for you. Here, it fails, as you will see Person A can get very upset and even throwing temper tantrums -this is because they will never escape that they are not being respected by others and start even attacking their friend or support workers in institutions.

3. There are parents who are so arrogant that they think their way is better, if their child doesn't do very well, instead of being critical and changing themselves, they are asking the wider society now to be an extension of their act with their child so they will be able to better cope in the world.

4. The whole transgender issue largely they are asking for people to support them in their life choice-which is something that people don't get, as you choose to take jobs, education and even people have married someone against their parent's wishes and have been disowned, but they still got on with life. But here transgender already being foolish and disrespecting what Allah has created can't cope unless they have support on a regular basis. These are some of the extreme examples.

You are not doing a favour and you are not speaking correctly as a Muslim, when your responses only allow a person to be told it is OK for them to be the way they are, this is where Chrisitans, Atheists etc have embraced (they need to dumb people down so people can keep them company)-being normal to commit sins -when Allah has never said it was normal to commit murder, to steal etc.

If you choose to sit and get attention by someone, then you are a clearly disrespecting yourself and others and they are of you by endorsing it, you are not in a good position and all the attention and supportive statement that you can get from everyone on the planet is not going to help you against what Allah has already stated -that your capable (I don't have as some people then wish to foolishly use what about insane people-here they are clearly fooled, as everytime someone tells people of their state, they use something that is not in their position nor is it in their understanding).

So, give advice yes, but don't change what Islam has taught -here forbid evil and enjoin what is good. Islam is seen as more restrictive as we are critical of people's behaviour if they aare like a sinful person's-we don't wait to only be critical of someone if they commit a crime. It is whether you like it or not, people's behaviour and attitude -where how many people mindlessly just saying whatever makes people happy etc is accepted.

Your kindness is not greater than Allah's or the Prophets, it is not for you to say it is OK for someone to carry on getting the same advice again and again and not do anything with it. That they can take their sweet time.

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