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View Full Version : Does an average Pakistani know equally as an average Israeli citizen?

09-30-2022, 12:11 PM
Im Zubair Tariq from Pakistan and it recently have come to my attention that Israeli's are much more capable of doing an invasion than the pakistan.
Hold on, let me explain this.
Its not a surprise that an average Israeli teaches their kids how to shoot people, they hold firm to their religion, does not commit adultery, does not spend alot of time on the internet and rather spends most of their times outsides. If we compare the average Israeli, they have the US support fully while Pakistanis dont even get remembered.These results are drastic, I mean, they have the Mossand (Central Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations), Aman (military intelligence) and Shin Bet (internal security) with countless more technology private companies which make Israel no1 in Hacking, Communications, Defense System with their Iron Dome and pretty good in software engineering. In Pakistan, our young generation is so badly corrupted that the young ones such as 10-18 openly talk about wanting to do zinah, their hopes of a profession are 1) TikTok, 2) Cricket, 3) Youtube and 4) They just want prostitution even though they dont even understand what the term means!!
Pakistan's Agencies such as ISI even though shadowy just dont seem to have as much power and they keep coming up in news, i mean how good is a spy agency when it keeps coming up in news?!!
In conclusion, my issue with this new era of internet hype, it has become essential for us Pakistani's to ban these so called entertainment apps where our generation waste thousands of hours and do it with swift smart actions but not like those laws they pass where we would have to register ourselves as a VPN user, like who the hell would do that! Our ISP's (internet Service Providers) should have the capablities to make sure that VPNs can not be used to bypass the bans on these websites where zinah is promoted!
In all in all, my reason for making this post was to get other people's opinions in clear English on this matter and to spread information and warning that the time is yet again coming like when the Mughals stopped using advanced technology and got invaded by the British in the end. This time it could be Pakistan and we should be prepared for when Allah sends a obstacle in our path. As our Holy Prophet SAW once said, "Keep your horses and your swords ready for war at any given time".This Hadith does not only mean the weapons used by the people in the past but weapons used by the modern world such as guns, tanks, aircrafts and most importantly our bodies to be ready to become a shaheed at any given time!
Assalamualaikum Brothers!
Have a good day you all!

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