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View Full Version : Being forced to marry someone else

10-21-2022, 01:49 PM
Am being force to marry someone i was engaged 1 year ago to a guy lately i am having issues with him of him telling me that he will abuse me he will teach me a lesson he threatens me if i dont listen to him etc i have nikkah in few months i have told to my parents everything but they are still forcing me to marry the same i like someone else i have told my parents about him, we both like each other alot . but still they are forcing me to marry that same guy i tried to convinced them alot but they are not listening to me in fact they are abusing me that u will get to marry that guy only. is running away from my family is permissible in islam if they are not listening to me? its been a month since am trying to convince my parents but everytime i try to talk to them they start beating me.

Any help on this what should i do?

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10-24-2022, 02:24 PM

It is not permissible to run away from family/home, cut most important family ties as it is not permissible to force someone into marriage.

I would recommend cutting totaly non permissible romance.

If you are sure you do not want to marry the proposed guy (he maybe joked with you and some words can have multiple meanings...to much for this forum), than speak to yours with best of manners/pleads.

Do not plan another marriage in next 3-4 years and work hard on yourself, educating, socialising, helping others,

11-08-2022, 08:34 PM
Br Murid prolly didnt read what OP said.
She says she was engaged to him 1 year ago and has Nikah scheduled in a few months.

11-08-2022, 09:19 PM
I defy cant give you any solution really.
I am originally from the sub-continent, and this has happened in my own family when I was young.
My sister was getting forcibly married by my parents, and most females in my society had the same type of marriage.

She was actually doing it the halal way which was to talk about the guy she liked and then let him meet my parents for her hand. But in my society this is seen as "love marriage" and anyone who does this ends up becoming outcast.

My sister still let him meet my brother who himself was already angry about not getting to marry the girl he liked a few years ago, so when he came home from meeting the guy, he added fuel to the fire and my dad ended up abusing my sister physically a few times. It continued a few months, and eventually my sister ran away with the guy.

Gladly her husband's family accepted her. However this whole circumstances led her husband to become paranoid and he himself ended up becoming extremely heavy on verbal abuse.
However my sister had nowhere no go, so she had to stuck with him.

I used to know him personally, he was educated independent man and was good on his manners. But bc of the way my family treated him, he ended up treating my sister similarly.

My sister did run away, but after she did, my parents had even thought of abducting her. (And guess what police came bc of these reasons but they bribed the police). they didnt actually abduct her, but the point I am making is that even tho they were parents, they had no issue with causing her harms if it meant that she would have to listen to him.

I contact my sister every now and then, and she always cries about being too alone, since my fam never bothered with her after she went away. In fact, her name is still a taboo in my family.

This was the story with my sister.

The way you are speaking of your fiance, it does seem like he is just another typical "Muslim" who prolly has nothing to do with the Sunnah or Islam.
And the way you are right now, I dont see your relationship being accepted by your fam, as they dont seem like they care about the Sunnah or Islam either.
And if you think, running away is the solution, can you bear the consequences? What if the man you are running with dies, God forbid. That can defy happen right? Even if not something that extreme, what if something happens to him, how are you gonna live after that? Who would you turn to for living expenses?

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