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View Full Version : Crying and upset all the time

10-25-2022, 05:04 PM
If someone feels they cry all the time and feel upset. But read namaz Quran and do good things. What could be the reason or cure? Alot of people are jealous of her because she is simple and lives everyday by working hard and focusing on the good deeds. Too many around her are always doing wrong and she doesn't like it but everytome she trys to speak gets shut off. Also these same people look after fame name and money. But don't pray or talk anything regards islamic values. The sad truth of society around you. She wants to find a path, new friends, a way but nothing is helping and she continues to just pray and cry. But never gives her on God. She feels her house is cursed, and someone might have done something on her!

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10-26-2022, 04:52 AM
I don't think then that person needs to worry about telling others, correcting others-as clearly stressing her out. People already know they do wrong as as per what Allah stated to the Prophets, their job was to convey and it is up to people to do listen. So if they chose to waste their time than that is their problem.

I think that person needs to concentrate on herself-it is rather contradictory, simple life wanting but then stressing about other people. What's stopping this from happening again even if they moved elsewhere??

If finding a position difficult, if you can remove yourself from it-that is all you need to do, and from the above, it should be simple. It is bad how much people get addicted and even committed suicide as they have been bullied online -by even people they haven't met.

Once take time out from the people, time yourself should feel better-remove this side and see how it goes. Then concentrate on what you wish to do, we don't wait for others to make the right decisions before living our lives, unless oppressed.

Too many people think they need to give advice and even Muslims try and think of ways to explain things to people-Allah provided a simple message that people from different ages understood, the Prophets told people to repent on the first day (didn't say have some time to think about it, we'll have conference), so don't think people don't know they reject or purposely waste their time-they are responsible for their own record not anyone else. So stop stressing of other people being wrongdoers-that is never been the advice that you should be. Allah has given your life, charity is where we give the poor their due, not walk behind them giving them whatever they want. We give to charity, if we gave up all of ourselves, we wouldn't need to to give to charity then would we-but as per Allah give poor their "due" not stress about that either. So just pray carry on and give to charity when you can and take your leave of them as even Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him had done (extreme example but someone was making bad comments of a fat woman)- so take your leave-doesn't mean you have to drop everything to do that, just ignore them.

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