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View Full Version : *** Dua of a fasting person is not turned back or rejected ***

Zaheer A Khan
04-08-2023, 05:27 AM

Allaah عزوجل said in His noble Book:

And when My servants ask you, concerning Me - indeed I am near. I respond to the caller when he calls upon Me.

{ Surah Al Baqarah }

Al Hafiz Ibn Katheer رحمه الله commented:

The fact that Allaah عزوجل mentions this verse, which encourages one to offer du‘aa’, in the midst of the verses that speak of the rulings on fasting, indicates that one should strive hard in offering du‘aa’ at the end of the fast and, indeed, every time one breaks the fast.

{ Tafseer Al Misbah Al Muneer }

Abdullaah Ibn Amr رضي الله عنه said:

The Messenger of Allaah صلى الله عليه وسلم said:

'' When a fasting person breaks his fast, his du'a is not turned back.''


{ Imam Ibn Majah in his Sunnan #1753 and graded as Saheeh by Imam al Busayri and Hasan by Al Hafiz Ibn Hajr and Abu Mu'adh. However Shaykh Naasir ud Deen Al Albaani pointed out that the hadeeth has a slight weakness }

In another hadeeth:

Hurairah رضي الله عن said:

The Messenger of Allaah صلى الله عليه وسلم said:

"There are three whose Dua are not turned back: A just ruler, and a fasting person until he breaks his fast. And, the Dua of one who has been wronged."


{ Imam Ibn Majah in his Sunnan and graded as Saheeh by Imam Ibn Hibban and Ibn Khuzaimah and Hasan by Abu Mu'adh رحمهم الله }

Another hadeeth:

'' Three dua's are never rejected the dua of the father, and the du'a of the fasting, and the du'a of the traveller.''


{ Imam Al Bayhaqi in his Sunnan#345 and graded as Saheeh by Shaykh Al Albaani and Hasan by Abu Mu'adh رحمهم الله }

Imam ibn Al Uthameen رحمه الله commented:

The Dua at the time of fasting is most likely to be answered, because it is at the end of an act of worship, and in most cases, a human self is at its weakest point just before he breaks his fast. The weaker a person is physically, and the more tender-hearted, the greater is his feeling of repentance and humility towards Allaah, the Almighty, the All-Powerful.

{ Majmu Al Fataawa Al Kubrah }

Shaykh Muhammad Zulfiqar commented:

The moment of breaking the fast is a time for the acceptance of supplication. so it is appropriate to supplicate for oneself, for ones family and the fulfillment of needs.

{ As Sawm fi al Qur'an wa Sunnah pg 100 }

However, we say the acceptance of one's dua is not restricted to the time of iftar only, but throughout the day and his dua will be responded to as in the hadeeth of Al Baihaqi رحمه الله .

*** And Allaah عزوجل has the best knowledge ***

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