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View Full Version : how to protect ourselfs from hypocrisy and things to avoid

11-30-2023, 07:37 PM
(1) ibadah (fard like zakat) good ahlaq n dont sin. audhu besmalah ignore worldly stuff or waswasa about deen audhu besmele ignore. be merciful

(2) dont talk or laugh alot dont listen to music dont be skeptic also,

(3) dont watch p**rn,

(4) fear Allah swt theres jahannam

(5) dont love dunya have it in your hand not heart dont love wealth n becoming famous

aka dont obsess about worldly things,

(7) dont worry about wordly matters worry about afterlife more

(8) dress n act like muslim

(9) have muslim friends only. only ally muslims

(10) dont go on non muslim forums or read what they have to say dont have bad company dont live among the non muslims

(11) dont be stubborn

(12) help others start with ur own family

(13) dont be racist

(14) only fear Allah swt trust Him n have hope in His mercy,love Allah swt,

(15) repent often but only say a astagfirullah if u cant keep a promise to Allah swt dont break promises

(16) be kind to everyone

(17) be humble be positive think positive

(18) have halal fun

(19) dont have phone in bathroom

(20) have faith start believing n want it , dont say i do not want to believe say i want to believe

(21) dont be hypocrite, 1 be grateful u have iman and 2 be concerned be scared to not lose it 3 dont opress muslims

(22) dont talk bad about others,

(23) have knowledge about the deen n audhu billahi minash shaytani rajeem ignore the waswasa

(24) dont let it get to ur heart iman goes up and down audhu billahi minash shaytani rajeem ignore and dua ask for Allah guidance

(25) say Allah plz guide me (sincerily n with motivation i want to n humility) then la ilaha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minnez zalimin 3x amin.

(26) if u dont know everything relax u can learn later (beneficial knowledge ). n for doubts or dont know something ask scholars . dont be extreme in being liberal or too conservative

(27) and u dont know everything n be relax ok no dont be carefree, care about ur afterlife iman and pleasing Allah swt but in worldly matter be free

(28) be careful dont let satan get hold of you n ur emotions n anxiety.

(29) righteous morality dopamine detox n dont sin. dont follow desires.

(30) always ask Allah swt for good death.

(31) believe in Allah swt n do good inshaAllah.

(32) struggle to get guidance work hard to be guided want it etc inshaAllah seek the help of Allah swt n dont be lazy.

(33) cleanse ur heart ur fitrah ur mind ur soul inshaAllah search

(34) dont be weak muslim! patience steadfast

(35) say astagfirullah n dont do it again but tawbah is diifferent so use it correctly n dont say i wont do this again dont talk big . dont make false promises to God by saying i wont do this (sin) again and then re doing it. dont do that!

(36) see muslim role models

(37) if i want after life i must believe n do good if i want dunya only then doing good but in afterlife u dont get anything

(38) dont act holy ur sinful.

(39) dont leave islam because some muslim ppl mean to you or others

(40) eat halal meat only if cannot find become vegetarian inshaAllah

(50) know that all blessings is from Allah swt.

(51) dont lie dont break promises (like said before) that you made to Allah swt (like example i wont do this sin but keep on doing it the sin) and also add fasting monday and thursday 3 days if u broke a promise to Allah swt, dont lie dont break promises if entrusted with something keep it safe and return it to them dont be immoral dont do good deeds to show off .

(52) dont forget jummah. listen to quran (listen atentively concentrate and be quiet). think believing in God makes me happy and gives me answers.

(53) dont be a liar or lie an opressor n a hypocrite.

(54) astagfirullah alot.

(55) want best for everyone especially ur family mom and dad be kind to them. n give dawah to people inshaAllah

(56) dont sin dont listen to music dont lie. dont break promises. dont swear words n dont when entrusted with something he proven to be dishonest dont do this.

(57) if about to repent and scared u will not be able to keep promise do this:

(58) only say God i made a mistake astagfirullah God forgive me and dont make me do it again protect me

(59) even if u dont regret doing the sin dont say i regret it. say God forgive me for this sin and make me not do it again i made a mistake im sorry forgive me ameen. also say sorry if u really mean it

(60) dont follow ur emotions think good positive and have good expectations dont leave some parts n accept some parts accepts islam fully . have good ahlaq

(61) tell Allah in sincerity that these things are happening to me help guide me ameen. make dua alot inshaAllah.

(62) dont have negative thoughts. ask for a miracle from Allah swt only

(63) dont be like them dont be wanting to be like them lile the (non believers) everything has a solution. ameen

(64) zakat n help parents, ur born with the light light keep it burningaka contantly believe n ibadah inshaAllah good ahlaq and dont sin. and dont go on non muslim forums or read what the non muslim has to say

(65) dont be arrogant

(66) when speaking to Allah swt dont say sorry,regret,promise if u cant fulfill it.

(67) dont rebel against Allah always be grateful optimistic humble . positive and islamic u turn do aka good ahlaq dont sin n ibadah

(68) be sincere be honest and ask Allah swt for guidance

(69) please Allah protect me from hypocrisy guide me to the straight path and forgive me from the things i did that affected my heart

(70) astagfirullah for my disobedience impatience n rebellion. be steadfast

(71) dont be people pleaser only please Allah swt n be kind too everyone help everyone n give dawah be positive n beneficial

(72) 3 things to must know. 1 quran learn it recite it listen to it implement it. 2 good companionship be patient n hold on to it be friends with muslims. 3 dawah and dont lie

(73) increase beneficial knowledge n be helpful to others sincerily for Allah swt sake

(74) islamic way of life is best n believe in God

(75) prophets stories youtube watch

(76) open ur spirituall heart belive in God the creator. Creator of everything Who created us n everything?
islam is a way of life. ibadah dont sin good ahlaq. islamic u turn now.

(78) were helpless without God so be humble we will die oneday dont obsess over this world. trust fear have hope in Allah swt

sorry if i put things twice and sorry for bad english i hope this helps inshaAllah

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11-30-2023, 07:45 PM
forgot to add (77) say God knows something i dont and leave it at that

12-03-2023, 08:09 PM
(80) dont care what non muslims have to say and dont be in their company or befriend them

12-12-2023, 05:45 PM
also dont criticize

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