View Full Version : Dan Lester: 'Scientific evidence' doesn't prove evolution

02-03-2006, 03:10 PM
Some 20 years ago, after a Sunday school lesson on Genesis 1, I launched an investigation of the evolution/creation debate. Frankly, I was a little concerned because then, as now, the scientific community considered evolution no longer theory but proven fact. How would I reconcile science with what I found in scripture?

I researched dozens of articles and publications on both sides of the argument written by prominent advocates for each side. My research included biology, physics, chemistry and astronomy. I even visited the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago to see the evidence on display.

Here are only a few of my findings: I found no naturalistic explanation for the origin of the first living cell, and I found no transitional species in the fossil record. The DNA molecule with its increasing information content from single celled to complex multi-celled organisms has no naturalistic explanation.

The teachings on embryology and many other topics used to "prove" evolution were at best disingenuous and sometimes downright fraudulent. Mutation and "natural selection" sound scientific but explain nothing in the real world.

In short, I found no evidence of species-to-species evolution.

We definitely did not evolve from apes. I did find great variability and adaptability within species, but this is entirely consistent with creation by a higher intelligence, and not necessarily evolution.

So, why do so many in the scientific community cling to archaic and unproven evolution theory? Could it be that the only other credible explanation for the world around us is creation by an all powerful creator? Apparently, their faith in naturalism has eliminated any possibility of theistic cause.

I was taught that the aim of science is to discover the truth but that isn't possible when the truth is eliminated at the outset.

Why is it that when we find the ruins of ancient civilizations, we readily recognize them as the handiwork of man, but when we peer through a microscope or telescope and view the majestic fingerprints of God, which are infinitely more complex and astounding, we try to find another explanation and refuse to give him credit?
Dan Lester is a Willow Wood, Ohio, resident.

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