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Ummu Amatullah
02-05-2006, 02:56 AM

"..the Prophet slept for a part of the night, and late in the night he got up and performed ablution from a hanging water skin, a light (perfect) ablution and stood up for the prayer."...(Bukhari)

Modern Studies have shown that this may be the best advice for many people:::

* SLEEP STUDY...a 6 year study of more than a million Americans showed that a good night's sleep is 7 hours. It also showed that people who sleep for 8 hours or more tend to die prematurely. Study leader, Daniel F. Kripke, says, "You really don't have to sleep for 8 hours and you don't have to worry about it. It is evidently very safe to sleep only 7, 6 or even 5 hours a night."

*STATISTICS...In the study the death risk for people with excess sleep was 34% compared to only 12% for those who slept 8 hours and only 22% for those who had too little sleep!


*up to 60% of depressed people will show a 30% improvement after just one night awake.

* Sleep inhibits the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) that helps control our metabolism and indirectly our levels of energy. An estimated 25 to 30% of depressed patients have low TSH levels. Recent research shows that staying awake through the night and the early morning hours boost it.

The holy Prophet would sleep shortly after Isha and wake up in the very early hours of the morning, sometimes as early as midnight to pray.

Shaykh Abdul Haq in his book Madarijun Nabuwa states,

"because the heart is on the left one will not be satisfied with the sleep and the person will sleep heavily not knowing his state. If one sleeps on the right side the heart dangles meaning a person cannot sleep heavily. This benefits a person as he can look after himself and his family if anything happens. A major benefit is that one will not miss the morning prayeras one is not engaged in heavy sleep.

Imam Shafi states that there are 4 types of sleep;

1.to lie on the back-this is the sleep of the Prophet's .

2. to sleep on the right side-which is the sleep of the WORSHIPPERS (us!)

3. to sleep on the left side-which is the sleep of the rulers.

4. to sleep on the stomach-which is the sleep of the devil.

HADITH; Hadhrat Aisha radhiallahu anha states, "Whosoever sleeps after Asr salah and loses their intellect only has themselves to blame. "

SCIENCE; A gas exits from the earth at the time of Asr salah which is heavy and can effect a person's mind and heart. If a person sleeps before Isha, the body also sleeps and cannot fight this gas hence causing illnesses.

Washing hands after waking up

SCIENCE; Germs may accumulate on the hands during the course of the night.

HADITH; Abu Huraira narrates, "When you wake up from sleep to pray, wash your hands before youput them in the wudhu water, for you do not know where your hands have spent the night."

sleeping on the floor

SCIENCE; Doctor Nixon says, "When a healthy person sleeps his muscles become relaxed. A comfortable bed is bad for the spinal cord and in my eyes I have met such patients that have been affected with a bad back. Children's bones are weak and if they sleep on soft beds it affects their bones and this will affect them throughout their lives. Soft beds results in back pain as the muscles and back become slack and if soft beds are used regularly then this becomes a regular accordance."

SUNNAH; Islam taught us this method a long time ago and the Holy Prophet did this himself.

Aisha radhiallahu anha states, "The Prophet's bed was made of animal skin, which had leaves of date trees."

Dusting the bed

SCIENCE; No religion mentions the practice of cleaning the bed before sleeping. Once a person did not clean his bed before sleeping in it.Being cold that day, a snake rested in the bed and bit the person killing him. One may ask there are no snakes that roam around freely, however bedbugs that live in the bed may harm you.

SUNNAH;Look at the method taught by the Holy Prophet 1400 years ago. It is sunnah to dust the bed 3 times before sleeping in it. Ensuring that there are no bedbugs or of the sort resting in the bed! SubhanAllah!

Changing clothes before sleeping

SCIENCE; For hygiene purposes it is advised not to sleep in the clothing worn throughout the day, but to wear something lose fittingas tight clothing does not benefit one's sleep. Whilst sleeping our limbs are stationary affecting the blood circulation; wearing tight clothing will affect the circulation further.

SUNNAH; The Messenger of Allah would wear a lose fitting garment known as the tehband.

SCIENCE; Doctor Geolick Oston, who has written many books writes, "If it was in my control I would close schools, factories etc and make everyone rest at this time as if this is observed then we would have less ill patients and people would be saved from many illnesses." The psychologist suggests that sleeping at this time refreshes the body, strengthening it and it is saved from many physical and mental illnesses. But this is best after eating in the afternoon and for no longer than an hour.

SUNNAH; Anas said, "The companions of the Holy Prophet would observe Friday Prayer first and then have a siesta (kaylula)."

We find that many practices of the Holy Prophet are being proven science! Whatever the Holy prophet did was for the best ofhis followers!

sleeping with wudhu

SCIENCE; A similar ritual is also encouraged by yoga experts who say that washing motor and sensory organs such as the hands, arms, eyes, legs, mouth and genitals before sleep using cool water relaxes the body preparing it for a deep sleep.

SUNNAH; When a person sleeps with wudhu, Allah Almighty gives permission to his soul to visit the Arsh and bow to Allah Almighty. Whilst sleeping in the state of wudhu, the reward of worship is being written for you in your book of deeds all night, SubhanAllah!

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