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View Full Version : Olive Oil Uses, Strongly recommened by our Prophet Mohammed Pbuh

02-06-2006, 04:43 PM

by Mutmainaa
[03 Dhul Hijjah 1423]

"By the Fig and the Olive.."

[Surah at-Teen; 95:1]

Olives (Zaytun) have numerous health benefits, including being rich in Vitamins (in particular Vitamin E), minerals, monounsaturated fats, and anti-oxidants. They are full of nutritional value, helping to fight against a number of critical diseases; including cancer, arthritis, osteoprosis, constipation, inflammation and asthma. It isn’t any wonder that Allah (Ta’ala) has sworn by the Olive in the Qur’an;

"By the Fig and the Olive, and the Mount of Sinai..."
[surah at-Teen; 95: 1-2]

The mufassireen (commentators of the Qur'an) have suggested numerous explainations for this ayah. It has been said that the most likely explanation of the mentioning of the (fig and) olive, is that they both represent deen (religion) and faith or to man as the creature fairest and goodness in shape and form. The special mentioning of this fruit, and the inferences made from it indicate the unique essence and value of the Olive.

Another indication of the Olive representing life and goodness can be taken from the Olive branch bought back by the Pigeon which Prophet Nuh (alayhis salam) released from the ship to examine the state of the floods. When the pigeon brought back the olive branch, he (alayhis salam) knew that the land had reappeared and that vegetation was growing.

The Qur'an makes manetion of Olives in several places; namely, surah al-An'am; 6: 99, 141, surah an-Nahl; 16: 11, surah an-Nur; 24:35, surah al-Mu'minun, surah at-Tin; 95: 1, and surah Abasa; 80: 29.

The Benefits
The Vitamin E contained in Olives is the body's primary fat-soluble antioxidant. Anti-oxidants help to strengthen the body's immune system; reducing the severity of asthma, cancer, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis, premature ageing, as well as delaying the effects of ageing.

Olives contain compounds called polyphenols that appear to have significant anti-inflammatory properties. Imam as-Suyuti comments that in using olive oil as a balm, you fortify your limbs and as a result reduce inflammation.

Ibn Umar recorded the well-known hadith “use olive oil and anoint yourself with it, because it is ‘from a blessed tree’”(24:35)

The juice of the olive, otherwise known as olive oil (Zayt), is a delicious source of antioxidants. This oil is monounsaturated, and it has a positive effect on the cholesterol level in our blood streams, by helping to reduce it. Monounsaturated fats are an important part of our diets. These oils act to keep cholesterol from sticking to our artery walls, and thus combating against diseases such as heart disease and strokes. Not only that, but they help to control blood sugar, a big plus in offering protection against Diabetes.

As regards to the Zaytun tree, Allah (Ta’ala) says:

”And a tree that grows on mount Saini which provides oil – and enjoyment for those who eat it”

The roots of the Zaytun tree are so extensive and strong that in times of drought, when other trees die, the zaytuna tree is still standing because it draws from deep within the earth when the heavens withhold their life-giving water.

The human body easily absorbs olives. This aids digestion, and so your body can handle food with ease. Imam Jalaluddin as-Suyuti in his book, “Medicine of the Prophet” suggests drinking Olive oil so as to keep the bowels moving, soothing pains and combating constipation.

Olives are also very light foods (ie contain low calories), but at the same time very filling; being able to quickly satisfy hunger. and lead to fewer total calories ingested at mealtime.

It is recorded that the Prophet said

“Every kind of olive oil is for you, and anoint yourself with it..” [ibn al-Juzi].

The Prophet used to recommend olives and saffron in cases of pleurisy, and he used to say that olives are the medicine of the poor.

In another tradition Muhammad said “Eat olive oil and anoint yourself with it” [at-Tirmidhi].

Saied al-Ansari narrates that the Prophet said,
"Eat the olive oil and massage it over your bodies since it is a blessed tree."
[at-Tirmidhi, ibn Maja]

Indeed, Allah Ta'ala has mentioned the Olive tree as being blessed as well;

"a blessed Tree, an Olive, neither of the east nor of the west, whose oil is well-nigh luminous.."
[surah 24: 35]

Abu Hurairah RadiAllahu Ta'ala anhu narrates that the Prophet stated, "Eat the olive oil and apply it (locally), since there is cure for seventy diseases in it, one of them is Leprosy."
[abu Naim]

Khalid Bin Sa'd narrates "I came to Madinah with Ghalib Bin Al Jabr. Ghalib became ill during the journey. Ibn Abi Ateeq came to see him and told a narration from Aisha that the Prophet told about the cure in Kalonji. We crushed a few seeds of Kalonji and mixed it with olive oil and dropped in both nostrils, after which Ghalib became healthy."
[ibn Majah, Bukhari]

According to ibn al-Qayyim, Olives are an exhilarant, they provide prevention against poisons, gives the facial complexion glow, regulates the digestive process, expels the intestinal parasites, makes the hair lustrous and minimises ageing problems.
He also comments that the massage of olive oil with common salt over the gums is a remedy for several diseases of gums and teeth.
The chronic ulcers and boils, which show difficult healing condition, are healed up with the use of olive oil generally.
The local application of olive oil or the water extracted from the crushed olive oil leaves is effective on boils, rashes and itching.

Imam Tirmidhi (in the Shama'il of at-Tirmidhi) mentions that it was reported that the Prophet used so much olive oil that his shawl was often saturated with it.

Key benefits of olives

The Zaytun oil can also be used on hands, hair and as a base for massage oil.

Used as a balm, it fortifies the hair

It keeps the hair shiny and prevents dandruff

Used as a balm, it fortifies and moisturises the skin, combating dry skin and softening it. It also combats against acne.

Massaged onto the body, Olives fortify the limbs, combat against inflammation, and sooth away aches and pains from tired muscles and so on.

Help against wrinkles and delaying the effects of old age.

Help combat against strokes, heart-disease, High blood pressure, diabetes.

It aids digestion and strengthens the bowels, as well as the stomach.

Soothes pain

Strenthens the body's immune system

Drunk, the tea from Olive leaves help against High blood pressure.

General consumption of Olives, due to their high anti-Oxidant properties, help to combat against diseases such as cancer (studies in particular show Breast cancer), asthma, arthritis, osteoprosis, and others.

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02-06-2006, 05:58 PM
inspite of all these qualities of olive and olive oil the food cooked in it bbecomes really yummmmy.............................!specially chicken.......................!

02-06-2006, 06:14 PM

lol jazakAllah for sharing, we have olive oil at home and it is really useful. and olives are nice on pizza! :) mmmm!


02-06-2006, 07:40 PM
My sis puts olive oil on her face all the time.. maybe i should try it too. and nazia sis i agree with you.. olives are definately great on pizza. yum yum.

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02-07-2006, 02:53 AM
i have olive oil at home. it says pure olive oil, but there are twon other types, virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil, can we use anytype of olive oil on our hair face and body?? Or must we buy smtg specially 4 da body?

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