View Full Version : Mosque moving on after Hamza’s arrest, Muslims express hope

02-08-2006, 02:11 PM
The conviction of the Controversial Muslim cleric Abu Hamza Al Masri for race hate crimes has been received with hope and optimism among the British Muslim Community which views the radical cleric as a bad image of the peaceful and moderate Islamic religion- The move could be a positive step to start rejuvenating the north London mosque once strongly associated with him.

The Finsbury Park Mosque has been under new management over the past year. The mosque new management stressed that jailing Abu Hamza, who was found guilty of race hate charges and using sermons to incite murder, has ended the era of ”extremism” at the mosque.

"The worshippers now come to the mosque and they pray and worship without any problems," secretary of the trustees Mohammed Kozbar was quoted by BBC as saying.

"It's working as any normal mosque in the country - we have a very good relationship with all the community, a very good relationship with the police and the local council."

Muslim worshippers have been reluctant in visiting the mosque due to resentment over any association with Abu Hamza.

"His supporters are not here any more. The people coming to the mosque now never supported him," one worshiper said after hearing news of Hamza’s conviction.

The mosque was closed by the police which forced Abu Hamza to preach in the street outside until his arrest in May 2004.

Dr. Azzam Tamimi from the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), which is facing hostility from the controversial cleric's supporters as it took control of the mosque last year, said that "This mosque was a headache for the community, for the government and for anybody who cared about Islam.

"The mob who took over previously were not interested in teaching Islam or offering services to the community - they were simply interested in promoting hatred."

"I reckon he deserves what he gets - he is an extremist and he has given Islam a bad name," says Lionel Stone of Walthamstow.

"If he was here, I wouldn't come here. If any of these mosques preach extremist views, I am out," Mr Stone added.

"If [Abu Hamza] preached to take up arms and go and massacre, that's his opinion - no religion on earth preaches for massacre, Mahmoud Ibrahim, 62, from Turnpike Lane, north London, said.

"If he says something it's not an edict, he has not an authority to issue an edict."

Those involved with the Finsbury Park Mosque's must be hoping it remains such a peaceful haven.

Source: BBC

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02-08-2006, 04:45 PM
Who gave this garbage to the BBC? Sheikh Abu Hamza is an innocent man. He has done nothing wrong except stand up for islam. There are some 'muslims' who have condemned him already.
We should support him. May allah strengthen and release him.

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