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04-12-2005, 03:17 PM

I feel confused, so bemused
Don’t know what to do,
I’m lost, its true,
Feel so down,
I’ve got a permanent frown,
My head’s about to pop,
Gotta try to make it stop,
Been intoxicated by shaytaan,
He’s beaten up my Imaan,
It’s still alive, but badly bruised,
I was nearly blinded, from the truth,
He led me to the darkness,
And stuffed my heart with hardness,
With greed, envy & jealousy,
Pride, hatred and tyranny,
I suffered oppression from shaytaan,
But then I asked for help from Ar-Rahmaan,
I raised my hands up to the sky,
To Allah the most high,
Tears flowed from my eyes,
In humiliation for all the lies,
I begged for forgiveness from Ar-Raheem,
I asked for Siraat-al-Mustaqeem,
Allah has shown me his mercy,
Helped me to see the light,
And regain my sight,
Now I’m on the mend
Gonna reject shaytaan’s trend,
For tomorrow could be the end,
Gonna worship my Lord Allah,
And be a better Muslimah,
Will keep fighting for this Deen,
Aameen thumma Aameen!

By: Sister

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04-15-2005, 01:48 PM
MashAllah sister :applaud:

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