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02-19-2006, 10:47 PM
Author Sees growing Muslim enclaves hoping to rule Europe

Review by Carlin Romano
Philadelphia Inquirer 2/19/06

While Europe Slept
How Radical Islam Is Destroying The West From Within
By Bruce Bower
Doubleday 247 pp. $23.95

...Accept his analysis or not, Bawer and his details startle, since Americans rarely visit Muslim communities that now ring many European cities. Apart from the heinous killings by angry Muslims of prominent Europeans such as Dutch professor and poltician Pim Fortuyn ( after publication of his book "Against the Islamicization of Our Culture.) and Dutch artist and film maker Theo van Gogh, who dared to question Islamic brutalization of women, Bawer describes a landscape of disfunction. Seventy percent of the inmates in French prisons, Bawer reports, are Muslims. Four out of five residents in Oslos' main womens shelter are non-Norwegian women seeking protection from male family members. In Denmark, Muslims make up 5 percent of the population but receive 40 percent of welfare outlays. Ninety-four percent of asylum seekers who come to Norway arrive with no identification, a well-known subterfuge around Europe that virtually ensures asylum on humanitarian grounds.

Bawers book also highlights the ironies of current global politics and immigration. Radical Islamists, of instance, focus their fury on the United States even though it, unlike Europe, experience little antagonism with Islam until the creation of Isreal, and in fact most resemble the traditional Islamic " umma "( universal Muslim community ), in the generosity with which it welcomes foreign residents ( though it differs in offering equality rather than second-class dhimmi citizenship )

Similarly, while Islamists explode with fury at the very idea that non-Muslims should occupy or live in Islamic countries, Bawer observes and amply documents thay many employ every legal and illegal strategem imaginable under the doctrine of " family reunification " to bring more relative into their European countries. They then insist theyhave a right to be there and apply for the seamingly endless forms of European welfare : "unemployment benefits, child benefits, disability, cash support, and rent allowance."....

Looks like a Must-Read

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02-19-2006, 10:50 PM
Akulions' Book review on the above book review

Obiviously a book written by a relative of Hitler or one of his goons

Reeks of Hatered


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