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Ummu Amatullah
02-21-2006, 12:59 PM
What:3rd MAS Minnesota Convention
When:April 14-16,2006
Where:Minneapolis Convention Center
Theme:American Muslims Divine Guidance & Contemporary Challenges
Confirmed Speakers:Ahmed Burale,Ahmed Elkhaldy,Ahmed Shaheen,Ahmed Tajir,Ali Jaafar,Asad Zaman,Beshir Osman,Hasab Jamee,Sheik Hatem Al-Haj(my aqeedah teacher:statisfie),Hesham Hussein,Ikram Alhuq,Muhammad Garyare,Sayyid Metwally Alsharqawi,Souheil Ghannouchi, & many other invited speakers.

Convention Features:Youth Programs,Spiritual programs,Legal & Civil Rights Programs,Child Care Programs,Political Participation,English/Arabic/Somali/Oromo,Bazaar & Halal Meals,and a brother's Basketball tournament.

Extra Features:Islamic Film Festival consisting of Jar,Muhammad The Messenger,Bab & Bab,and many other great films,There will be a special session called,"Muslim World Focus,"and it Insh'Allah will cover Palestine & Egypt,Somalia,Democracy in the Middle East,and Current Affairs & The Way Forward.

MAS this year Insh'Allah is anticipating over about 1,850 Muslims.So Insh'Allah be one of those 1,850 Muslims:statisfie

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