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04-14-2005, 07:27 PM
Blak-Stone (www.blak-stone.com)

They took you cause you hold your own we know you ain’t done nothing
wrong (And they know). Locked up cause you spoke up. Won’t be long.
We do Dua that you stay strong (Cause you’re our Heroes)

AWAW Reporting:
I see them looking all shocked and puzzled because you bit them with
the jaws that they thought were muzzled. One God, one Deen, one
people, just takes one tussle, one Ummah, one leader one muscle. You
know it only takes one word one shuffle and we’ll open up the gates and
put an end to the struggle, cant wait. Been a while dreaming of the
smile on the faces of them children. “Daddy’s coming home from them
places of torture” US bases where they fought you is land where you
thought you’d be safe. Once upon a time when you told the truth about
the state of Majal you could climb the roof, but now they’re making up
the proof cause they aint got nothing. Fighting nail and tooth trying to
make up something cause it sounds so dumb when you numb the
people cause they carry ideas, these Emirs they’re evil. From Saudi to
Uzbekistan we hit upon leaders working for the Shaytaan they bring it
on, no shame. Same in Egypt, you get framed for Islam if you believe it
aint a game. It’s a shame and it breaks my heart to see them parked by
the Masjid entrance when the Fajr starts, taking the names of the
bearded. Mukhabaraat, defectors. Pray for Allah to protect us.

WG Reporting:
Remember Farhad Usmanov? Brother got it hard cause he loved Allah
so they killed him. Maimed at the hands of a tyrant left his children sad
grieving. Father was a martyr believing in better times and glory days,
of Islam paving the way and no more treason. Today thought is fought
with truncheons. Dungeons if you’re caught cause you can’t be bought
still you punch in. Everyday you function delivering injunctions, even
though your sought you hold fort. Banned for life but never lost scope,
you rise up to disrobe all them despots. Life is short and you know but
you still go, armed with words you kiss your own before you leave home.
Wondering if it’s your last kiss, if it’s your last hug, touch the cheeks of
your folks and make your last wish. All alone your wives hope you’re
strong enough to cope, and Lord knows you hold fast to His Rope.
Remaining true to your Oath, it hurts they’re boiling you alive but you
won’t halt. Allah bless-you. True believers you still strive for a better life
may you never leave us.
The trial’s are fake, they took you cause you hold your own
they know you ain’t done nothing wrong. What does it take
to get some justice at home? They can’t mistreat us if they’re

AWAW Reporting:
They tap the phones. Come raiding in the house at dawn with their foul
mouths and guns blaring. Pointing the barrel at your head with your kids
staring, scared for their life and your wife trying to hide her hair and
swallow her pride cause she ain’t even dressed right. Where’s the nizam
when you enter a brothers house with no “Salam”? The intentions to do
him harm; carrying books ain’t a crime why the firearm? Government
crooks got their hooks in the middle classes spreading their farces and
spying through them dark glasses Mukhabaraat. It’s deafening the
silence, nobody speaks cause they fear for the violence, it doesn’t cease.
In the midst of all this, warriors speak risk pain and being slain;
promising change, rearranging the world order, dark days are upon us
but they won’t faulter. Upholding our honour while they face slaughter
from them chicken head cowards come like tap water, running.
Succumbing when the West come with tanks humming, fear in their
breath. Turn the tables and watch them running, frightened to death.
And yet they claim the capacity to rule we, the believing society. We pay
homage to them brothers that were kick-starters, the revolution began
with you, now you’re martyrs Insha Allah.

WG reporting:
Locked up cause you spoke up. For what, you said the haq now they wana
ruck, it sucks. Rulers that bow on a najis rug fool us, they shut a mosque
just to make a buck. Perpetrators of a crime caught with their hands in
the cookie jar, turning homes into abattoirs. A cover up at the high court
charged with thought. 20 years is your time behind bars wrought with
hate for every man who says Allah’s Lord. Prostrate they call the
hangman. You still stand supplicate raise your cuffed hands. It’s God’s
plan hold your breath as the batons land. It’s all fate ya Rahman. Just test
your remind yourself, recite a verse calm your nerves as your heart
pounds in your chest. It’s all worth it when reimbursed with purse for a
purchase beyond earth. Al-Firdous the purpose of you and I, amplify
Moumineen yo till we die. Mortify as they wish still you wont cry, funny
you got your progeny on standby. The agony of a world cursed, morality
in a hearse never ones to watch and just stand by la walahi, never ones to
turn the other cheek. You proceed with your deeds to dethrone and unify.
March your steeds to the tyrants’ gates hold your own good command
and forbid the wrong for Deen’s sake. Won’t be long just a furlong, can’t
wait. We do dua that you stay strong.

Now glorify! Takbeer

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01-03-2008, 09:08 AM
Mashallahh goooddd lyrics but it wuld b good if dey din't use music..the message is soo nice..jst the music should go.

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