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03-07-2006, 01:32 AM
I am writing a novel... please tell me if you like it sooo far...

Wrath of Katrina

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On August 29th 2005, everyone in the Gulf Coast’s lives changed. To say that their lives just ‘changed’ is an understatement. People lost friends, family, pets and their homes. Each person lost something important in their life. It was a rude-awakening for the Gulf Coast and for the rest of America. Hurricane Katrina killed anything in sight. More pictures on A3.
Chapter 1: Aftermath
It seems like only yesterday—that Shawn was hovering over me to keep me alive during Hurricane Katrina. It seems like only yesterday—my whole family and my only love died in this monstrous hurricane. My life as a little girl seemed so fun and exciting. Now, look at the aftermath: I live with a family in tent city who reached out to me. We go to the bathroom in porta-potties. We sleep on wooden beds. I was saved to live a life of poverty and sadness. But my life wasn’t always like this—I used to smile all the time for no reason at all.
January 28th 2005 is when it all began on my 18th birthday. I met this boy that day at school in one of my most graceful ways. I just made it into homeroom on time. My friends Michelle, Rachel and Gene are always there waiting for me. But today, they had balloons and gifts to give me.
“For me?” I ask Gene. Gene is my closest friend of the three. We’ve grown up together and always been there for each other.
“Of course! I mean, who else has their birthday on September 28th?” She replies.
“Well, there could be people that live in India or Japan.” I point out.
“Please don’t get in specifics, Lyndi.” Michelle chimes in.
“I am allowed to be intellectual whenever I want to be.” I shoot back.
“You call that intellectual?” Rachel cuts in.
“Geez, and I thought you guys, were my friends.”
“I guess if we aren’t, then you don’t want these balloons and gifts.” Michelle says.
“Umm, I take that back. I really do love you all.”
We all laugh. Then walks in this guy with the bluest eyes I have ever seen. His eyes remind me of lost treasures in the ocean that can never be found, but still being searched for. He smiles at me. I smile back still laughing. As I laugh and smile, somehow—someway, I snort! I snort like a pig!
“Oh my God! Lyndi! You just snorted!” Rachel shrieks.
If that doesn’t make matters worse, after I snort, I have to laugh about because I can’t be embarrassed in front of him.
The bell saves the day. It rings and I rush out to first period math. Math is such a hassle in the morning, but it is good to get it over with in the beginning of the day then wait until later. Basically my class consists of juniors, and three other seniors. I don’t really like the seniors in my class so I talk to my field hockey buddies that sit near me. Sarah and Jill are the coolest juniors on the planet. Sarah always makes me feel better about stupid things I do and Jill is there to make me laugh.
“I totally snorted in front of this major hunk in homeroom.” I whisper to Jill as she sits down.
She busts out laughing. “I have never heard you snort in my whole life. Is that a sign?”
“What are you talking about?”
“Well, it could be a sign that you are meant to be…” She says.
“Ha-ha. You are not for real. So true love happens when I snort the first time in my life in front of a guy?”
Sarah hears me and says. “You snorted? Don’t pigs snort?”
“Yes, Sarah. Pigs snort, but Lyndi isn’t a pig.” Jill clarifies.
“That would be cool if I were one though. I could have one of those curly tails. They are so cute.” I joke.
“You actually want to be a pig? Why are you upset about snorting if you want to be a pig? I thought you’d be happy, if you have achieved the snort.” Jill states.
Mr. Robust is still humming Christmas carols when Christmas has just past. He begins class as soon as the bell rings and tells us all to be quiet. He walks over and trips on his overhead projector. I sit right behind the overhead and get the sun-rays from the window directly behind me shining on my head. I do not have a pleasant seat, but I have adapted to my surroundings. The kids or juniors that think that they are ‘all that’ sit on the left side of the room and in the back. While my friends and I gather on the right side of the room. Our class has its own clicks pretty much even with juniors and seniors mixed. If I actually mentioned those kids that bother the heck out of me, I’d be doing them a favor because they are ‘that horrible.’ Mr. Robust is not very strict about talking, but now it is getting annoying hearing them make fun of my shoes or my hair. But you know what, who gives a crap? Honestly, I like my clothes back off.
After a boring class of some math learning, I walk to my locker and go down to chorus. Chorus is so fun. Yes, I am a pretty good singer. My friends Michelle and Rachel are in choir and are good too. We have too much fun in choir. Michelle and I are altos and Rachel is a soprano. Michelle is wild when she is with me because I’ve trained her to be. Jeremy and Ricardo are my cool guy friends that often hang out at my house. Yes, I have guy friends and my parents let me have them over. I rush into choir because I spent too much time at my locker admiring my picture of Aaron Carter. Aaron Carter is a famous singer who I adore and have adored my whole entire life. Michelle and Rachel like him on occasion such as when we got his autograph at Keswick Theatre.
“Lyndi! Were you drooling over Aaron again?” Michelle squeals.
“Of course not, I have better things to do than look at the sexiest man alive.” I hide my smile.
“Happy Birthday Lyndi!” Jeremy hugs me. Jeremy is one of those small, scrawny guys. I call him husky for fun to tease.
“Hey Husky!” I shout.
Rachel walks over and hugs me. “How’s this sexy birthday girl doing?” She says.
“I’m doing good. I had fun in math.” I wink. I love to wink. I have an obsession with winking that just won’t stop. It’s like my anti-drug. It’s not good to drink so let’s all wink!
“You gotta stop winking! It is soo creepy!” She says.
“That is not what my husky says, right husky?”
“Of course not. I find it highly attractive.” He replies.
“Ha-ha. You see?”
“Well, your husky is a poophead.” Rachel squeals.
“I know he is, but what are you?”
“A lesbian.” Ricardo chimes in.
“I am not a lesbo.” Rachel laughs.
“There is nothing wrong with having a crush on the birthday girl or being a lesbian, but tell us the truth.” Ricardo laughs.
“Oh my gosh! Lyndi is so sexy with her newly dyed red hair!” She jokes.
“I know you’re not a lesbo, Rachel.” I assure her.
The chorus teacher Mrs. Jurist comes in and has us warm-up. Then we sing a bunch of songs for 45 minutes.
Then it is time to go to history class, Michelle and Rachel escort me to class with my balloons and I walk into the room. Everyone has their opinion of teachers. Every girl in my class thinks that he is hot except for me. I am one of those girls that are only attracted to certain guys and teachers aren’t certain guys. It would be unethical for a girl to envision a teacher in a ‘sexual manner.’ I always get teased by my friends for not liking the teacher, but I should tease them for liking the teacher. He is cool though, but cool in a teacher way. Let’s just say, he knows how to make us laugh. His name is Mr. Jelly. He has a funny name, I must admit. Everyone teases him for it. He has the nerve to tease me about my last name when his can be mixed with peanut-butter in a sandwich.
I sit with Vanessa, Stacey and Alyssa. Alyssa loves it when I touch her wienness. Wienness is your elbow skin. Vanessa is a hoot literally. The guys that sit near us always make fun of her eyes because they are so big. They call her an owl and hoot at her during class.

---- I ran out of time I am gonna work on it some more... but please tell me if it sucks, because then I will stop writing it. It is going to get to a point where this girl falls in love with that boy shawn and he saves her during Hurricane Katrina and everyone she loves dies including him. It is kind of like Titantic, but more modern and younger aged.

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03-07-2006, 02:26 AM
woooooooooooooooooow ur goood!

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